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My daughter in law just lost her job at Target along with several other Managers..She was a dedicated worker for Target.

She got called in on Sunday Nov.20 and was told she was done..You did away with all your manager positions didn't matter they had families or health insurrance to worry about. After 20 some years of dedication poof her job was nothing.

I will never ever shop at target again.They may lose their home and the heartless people you are to do away with her job just before Christmas..I will do my shopping at Meijer and Walmart and get all family and friends to do the same..


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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216004

Yeah right DM, she should sue for wrongful termination. I can just imagine that. When asked why she was fired from Target. Her reply.

"Well I ate one Chocolate Bar. It cost only 70 cent and they fired me based on this simple 70 cent Chocolate Bar. However I a a good worker so they should not fire me.

She stole and they don't want to take chances, even though she only stole once.


file wrongful termination!


I think the point being, we don't know WHY she got LAID OFF.Maybe her store did bad, sales-wise.

Or maybe she was too laxed, too unfair, too rude.

And yes, stealing is stealing whether its a candy bar or CD or 10 bucks from the register.

So, its sad that she lost her job but was she the cause of it???


Shut up, Gina. Your complaint was about long lines at target. Standing in line ruins your life?


Target stinks! The Target on Staten Island manager is evil and has destoryed many life here on the Island.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #214791

For the person posting that there is no where where the mother said the daughter was stealing here is the proof. How this website works is the newer posts appear first. If you go to the very last page and the very last post you will notice this post.


13. Written by Marilyns, on 22-11-2010 14:30

I mean so she stole one CHOCOLATE BAR because she was hungry. SHe has been doing this for years and they only know about that one chocolate bar. They fired her because of this. What a bunch of morons. It was ONE CHOCOLATE BAR. Now because of that one chocolate bar she could lose her job. Because of ONE CHOCOLATE BAR. Target makes billions a year and she eats one 70 CENT CHOCOLATE BAR and they fire her after 20 years of dedication. She could lose her house and end up on the streets. During the cold weather, during Christmas time. What a bunch of heartless people.


As you can see the author admits that her daughter stole the chocolate bar. I have a feeling that the person claiming that this post never happened is a "blind" ex or disgrunted Target employee. They don't see what everyone else sees.


It sounds like they were looking for a reason and she gave them one. Sorry to hear she lost her job.


i work for target and our managers didnt get laid off... maybe her store had poor sales , in fact we just hired 3 new team leads, but our store makes the sales, one thing target does is take care of the smaller people FIRST for example, instead of giving management raises, they give level 1's raises FIRST , they would rather lay off 1 manager then 2 level ones..

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #214679

The mother never said anything about no Candy bar you people you accused her of stealing are not reading and just writing what you want..I am out of here and was a big mistake saying anything in here while apparently most of you don't have hearts.

ALL the MANAGERS were LET GO NOT JUST her ..For the Reason of not having to pay high wages.. I just wanted to say how unfair it is for ALL the MANAGERS to Have lost their jobs before CHRISTMAS..and the finacial burden all these families are now going to for all the haters who have written accusing them of stealing and being theives.. must write wanting to be mean and hateful.

They were all good loyal workers their only fault was being long term employees who were making manager wages..:p


I am sorry but stealing is stealing!Be it a candy bar or a cash drawer it is the same issue.

It is a decision of doing the right or wrong thing.It is unfortunate that your daughter was unable to make a good decision and it is now affecting the whole family.

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