I recently went into a Target to exchange a duvet cover, new in the package, which was their brand, and they were so rude and unhelpful that I have not been in their store since. It was a gift and I received the wrong color..BIG deal, right?

Oh no, we can't help you at all. Waste of my time and I left the cover outside the store for someone to take......their corporate phone center is a crock and they don't care about your happiness once they have your money, that's fine since I vote with my wallet.

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Bechyne, Jihocesky Kraj, Czech Republic #446238

I agree Ken has an obsession with JC Penney. It is creepy because it almost sounds sexual.


I really don't understand Ken. they must have a hard on for the owner of the company because I've never seen someone so obsessed with one particular store, especially one that doesn't even carry as much as other stores would.

okay Ken, I'll start doing my grocery shopping and buy all of my electronics at JCPenney's.

where exactly are they located there anyway? or can you not tell me anything about that store other than the fact that they cater your selfish needs by letting cheap losers do non-receipted returns?

Oh man,I gotta say that's the funniest thing I've read of these sites!!!
(It's soooooo funny 'cause it's sooooo true)
Cudos! :grin
Kirbyville, Texas, United States #445963

If I were Tasha's father here would be my advice.

Tasha you are as dumb as a mule and twice as ugly. If a strange man offers you a ride I say take it.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #445959

I am not pre kindergarten. I don't live in a make believe world like you do Ken.

If I am pre kindergarten you must be younger because you trust everyone. Unfortunately there are bad people out there. I advice you for your own safety. If a stranger offers you a ride say no and run away.

Don't get in the car.

tell your parents. If they offer you candy don't take it.


J. C.

Penney's doesn't require a receipt. Not all customers are criminals who is trying to get over the retailers.

Interesting how Penneys can trust their customers but Tasha can't. She must be like pre-kindergarten or something!!!!

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #445357

Okay maybe the exchanging color thing may not be third grade standards. But her little first grade friend should have given her a gift receipt.

How are they to know that she did not just take it off the shelf and is trying to get a refund.

People will take advantage of JC Penney. Not everyone is honest.


The OP sounds very rational to me.

She ought to go to J.C.Penney's. They don't require a receipt to exchange something.

WTH, you can't change the color of a gift unless you are in the third grade? Huh?


the original poster sounds like a big baby.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #442172

Whether she works at Target or not, whether she is trolling or not. She has a point. Most people on this site mistake being told no they are not allowed to do something rude.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #442171

Peter I hope you are not bashing Target because they gave you a criminal record for shoplifting. Telling the truth to losers who post pointless complaints is not trolling.


Ignore Tasha, she obviously has an interest in Target based on her feedback in other complaints. Her other responses are basically stating the same things. I hope she is not in the customer service area for his job.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #440615

"How were they rude?"

Like most crybabies on this site, they were rude because the poor baby did not get what they wanted.


How were they rude? How were they unhelpful?

We don't even know what your problem is. Lets assume you wanted to do an exchange. What did you want and why didn't they do it? For the record, no one cares about your happiness.

We just want to run a business and do our jobs. Look for you life's fulfillment elsewhere.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #437344

I don't work for them. Just because I am telling this "child" that she is wrong does not know why I work them. Are you a child as well? Only a five year old would be thinking because someone posted against the OP they work for the company. Either you are five years old or you have the mental educational level of a five year old. It is like me assuming that you two are saying that Target has bad service because you were fired from Target or because you were caught shoplifting from Target so that is why you are bashing the company. However I am 14 not five so my logic does not work that way.

Maybe Sandra is putting down Target and promoting Walmart because she works at Walmart and her manager is paying her to post this?

Telling this eight year old that she should have had her receipt to make the return does not mean that I work for there. This little girl needs to learn to follow rules. It is cute that a five year old is sticking up for her.


The customer who wrote in about Target is right, they have really bad customer service. I have taken my business to Wal-Mart which is cheaper anyway.

Also, the person who wrote the last comment sounds like she works for them....rude and unhelpful have nothing to do with her hypothetical that there was no gift reciept. A lost customer is always missed.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #437124


I recently went into a Target to exchange a duvet cover, new in the package, which was their brand, and they were so rude and unhelpful that I have not been in their store since"

How were they rude and unhelpful by telling you no that you cannot make the exchange because you did not have a gift receipt, that is not considered rude. That is considered you acting like you are still in the third grade. The person giving it to you should have giving a gift receipt. You have never been back you say. Trust me you will not be missed. Also who exchanges a gift because they don't like the color. Only a third grader would.

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