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I moved to a new city and needed to spend a lot of money for household items. I went to Target and the first thing I found was some patio chairs stacked and on clearance.

They were sitting right in front of the double doors of their large storage area. I asked a sales person if they could hold them so I could switch cars because I had the smaller one and they wouldn't fit. They refused. I asked to speak to the manager.

I asked him because I had never heard of such a thing. I told him I would pay for them first and all they had to do was put a sold sign on them. He refused again. He said someone might come by and buy it again by accident.

I asked if they could roll them into the back storage room until I got back. He said no, he didn't want to. Again he brought up they couldn't guarantee that a mistake wouldn't be made. I said they he could refund my money if by some weird circumstance that happened.

He said no, they didn't save anything for anyone, either I take it now or don't buy it. I calmly told him that I had moved and needed to spend a great deal of money on items and had just gotten started. Did he not care about the revenue he was giving up by taking this stance? He said he didn't care, that the store was doing well and he didn't care if he lost me as a customer!!!

I had this discussion in a calm and courteous voice but couldn't believe I just heard a manager say that to me. I had just read that Walmart and Target were battling each other for business. I knew who would win with that attitude! I told him I would not shop at that store again and he arrogantly shrugged and said fine and walked away while I stood there shocked.

I never went back and now avoid Targets at all cost.

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Target is the worst retail chain in America! Arrogant managers i.e.

Alexis, Mgr. in Eureka, Ca. Absolutely no customer service, no accountability for Target's mistakes, poor quality merchandise... Target took my defective bike that I bought from them and promised me a repair.

3 months later I was told to come pick up my bike. Nothing was repaired. They told me that they made several mistakes and they shouldn't have taken my bike or promised me repairs.

I was never compensated for my time, expense or any of Targets errors!Tell all your family and friends to stop buying from a sub-standard retail chain! F-Target!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel I have to defend myself here.

1)First of all, Target may have that policy but I have done LOTS of shopping in my life and I never ran into this. They certainly have the right, but that doesn't mean it is a good idea. If they are competing with Walmart etc then they need to pay attention to their policies and how they compare to others.

2) The attitude of the employees and manager was anything but polite. And I was NOT throwing a temper tantrum. I was talking calmly and not throwing insults around. Registering a complaint is not throwing a temper tantrum. Yelling and screaming is throwing a temper tantrum which I didn't do. I was asking and then registering a complaint about the policy, as the Target employee at the top of the page said I should do. If you do not like a policy and it causes you not to shop in a store, the store is better off knowing. If one person is offended, there will be many more who are also offended but don't bother to say anything. If I were a manager or owner of a store and people stopped shopping there I would want to know why. In this case the manager however didn't care and said so. I talked to a manager at our local Lowes and calmly registered a complaint about how the tile section was set up because it was hard to find anything. He thanked me very much for the suggestion and said he could see what I meant. A couple of months later they had rearranged things and were very proud of their new system. I was also very happy and have been back many times to buy more tile. It no longer a frustrating experience. Talking to a manager can be very helpful if they listen to you and care about keeping the customers happy.

3) I have many times (just yesterday in fact) run across items that I wanted but were sold already. My reaction was: Too bad I didn't get here sooner! I was not angry with the store or the people who asked them to hold the item. Why should I be? They got there first.

I have shopped in many many stores--now I am showing my age. I can compare attitudes and helpfulness. Target rated a zero that day. Since the manager was also extremely rude, I didn't see any point in supporting the store with my business. It may have been their policy, but their policy was unhelpful and it was enforced in an arrogant and rude manner.


I do appologize that that happened to you but it is tagets policy to not hold items though at store level each store do in most cases hold items. i do it everyday with larger items since we do understand that there is limited quantity of that item and the prospect of selling that item is better then not selling it at all.

it is not our intention to upset any guest with these policies and as to how you where treated by those team members.

i do apologize but if complaints are made those problems are taken care of. We pride ourselves in giving better guest service then our competitors.

Maebashi-Shi, Gunma, Japan #26155

The Target hold policy does not extend to limited quantity items or clearance items. Tough totem-poles.

It's because the quantity of the items are limited. It causes for some difficult situations with bitchy guests, but the policy is in place for a reason.

Rosepine, Louisiana, United States #25041

At my target they can put items on hold but only if you do not pay for it first.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #23946

You think that they should have saved the chairs for you yet I bet if they were saved for another customer and you wanted them you would say they should not save items for customers and throw a temper tantrum like you did. You can't get everything you want and have to follow by the rules, or don't come back. I am sure they don't want you.

Overton, Texas, United States #22476

Target must have really good training on how to be rude and unhelpful with a polite tone of voice. I no longer shop there either because of the lack of common sense or concern for the customer.

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