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So, I get called by target for a job interview over the phone and come to find out there's a pre-interview that ask redundant questions and hands out meaningless numbers that no body ever asked me for! My interviewer's call was supposed to come at 10:00am, not 10:02,not 10:47, 10:00am and they claim they called yet I was waitting by the phone since 7:00am!

Not only did I have to call them, but I was transfer sooooooo many times to end up being merged with another customer calling to complain no less! After 20 mins of waiting, I was told that I was called, when I know I wasn't, and that my application had been dropped! I now have to wait until Monday, which is four days away!, for an interview at (wait for it...) 5:45am!!! Pissed!

This is so f**kin' un professional and I am even considering turning down Target as a work place.

If only it wasn't for the $10.00 an hour that I badly need... Lmao.

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if you're talking about the simple questions about doing drugs, showing up to work on drugs, stealing, any criminal charges, if you were yell at a customer, etc. then most places do that anymore to see if you tell the truth before they do a background check on you. I'm not saying Target was professional but if you were referring to those questions, they're not the only place that does that.


It sounds like you and Target are a bad match. Move on.

Try McDonald's. You may find their hiring process more to your liking.


I totally agree with you. Had the same exact problem just a week ago!

They are really lousy and they eveen have people answering the phone who you can barely understand and also seem to be new. I worked there and let me tell you that you are dodging a bomb by avoiding employment there! So un-professinal sums them up very well.

And nice tittle by the way because they are a joke. LoL

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