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My Husband has given 7 years to Target as an Executive Team Leader, working long crazy hours.This company has done nothing but use my Husband and send him to stores that are having problems.

He has worked in retail for 20 years, the other 2 companies he worked for went bankrupt. This year has been awful, he was sent to a store that was having problems and being run by a store Manager who has never worked in retail a day in his life. The store has been a problem since the day it opened. To make a long story short, my Husband is going to be fired in a few weeks because he is being used as a scapegoat for all of the problems in the store.

The first 2 write ups were full of false information including dates that my Husband wasn't even working in the store, even though he pointed all of this out and refused to sign the write ups, they still processed them. No matter what he does, they will be terminating him, it's just a matter of time. Our Daughter is getting ready to go off to college and my Husband will be out of a job , due to no fault of his own. I never thought a company could treat an employee so bad.

How does a man spend 7 years with one employer and now all of a sudden he stinks at his job? I say something stinks at Target! I will never spend one red cent in another Target store. If I was not so poor, I would find a good lawyer and sue Target.

I can only hope that one day, God will take care of those that have wronged my hardworking Husband who is being treated so poorly.

I keep praying daily that he will find a better opportunity and be able to give his notice to them before they stick it to him!


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I started at target about 3 months ago as a GSA (Guest Service Attendent) I have disabilities and I was told Target is a big support for individuals who have disabilities, I told them I have a disability after they asked why i wasnt performing the job functions as correctly but the team members and team leads still talk gossip about me tattle on every little thing i do and think its ok to lessen my hours when a cashier gets more, I highly dont recommend Target as a place of employment for individuals with special needs.

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God will do nothing because he doesn't exist

to anon Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #636586

***!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :upset


Next time, you heed a warning. It was meant for you, too.


I just took a Target job 3 weeks ago and it sucks so badly.I've worked my tail off, never missed a shift, never been late and I've got nothing but flack from them.

The TL do nothing all day except when the store manager is around. The management talks to me like I'm 5 years old. When it is zone crunch time at the end of the night they want everybody to go go go but they aren't doing ***.

Today I got yelled at because my walkie talkie was dead. I knew it was dying (only had 1 bar when my shift started).

I went up to get batteries and the lady told me there were no batteries. So I went back to my job. 30 minutes later a manager was mad telling me I need to get my walkie fixed.

I told her my story and she insisted it was my fault and I needed to do better with having my walkie on.They are so crazy!


Hi i recently got hired on the 11/16/2012 and i was working great everyone was great until i meet the securities my trainer cart attendant told me that if i find anything that i shold keep it until i clocked out then return it into guest services earlier on the day they caught someone for shop lifting and the security asked me if i wanted to be a witness i told him that yeah sure we waited for the cops but i didnt wanted to hit the 5 hour so i told him that i had to clock out so i left and he looked piseed at me i sat on my luch break and ate some pizza i purchased it then on my shift i found a phone so i put it on the cart and then i keep it until my shift is over to return it like how my trainer said well i clocked out and the security called me i was thinking that it was about the problem they had and no hes firing me because i stold and item he said that i been stealing everything that i waste time talking to costumers that i waste time talking to our employees and every time i tried to talk and tell him how my trainer said to handle the situations hes raised hes voice and i felt harassed i never feel that horrible i got fired on the spot and i couldn't even talk to the HR i tried calling today and nope 1 try no shes helping a costumer 2 try shes at lunch 3 tried hung up 4 tried shes not working today i feel humiliated :cry :cry wen the security had to escort me out i never shop lifted i never commited a crime and i feel like *** now i dont have a job soo much for getting my green card and working on retail as my first job


suck it up and move on, jeez :(


I also find it slightly amusing when people blame an entire company for the actions of one or two of its employees.There are millions (possibly billions) of idiots in the world, and they've all got to work somewhere, right?

Or maybe you would prefer that they all be unemployed so that you can support them with your tax dollars. Way I figure it, companies are doing a public service by employing morons and lazy bums.

Though I do find it odd that they put so many of said rejects in charge of customer service...usually they get promoted straight to upper management so the customer never has to see them.


News flash: EVERY place is a bad place to work.I've worked for 10 different employers, from small family owned businesses to franchises to large international corporate behemoths...

every single one of those jobs sucked. Every boss/manager wants to squeeze more and more work out of you and pay you as little as possible. Every manager and/or "executive" likes to blame and belittle those beneath them. Every manager wants to take credit for your work.

Every company wants to cut costs wherever possible, including times when it may compromise your health, safety or happiness. Every company is poorly run by "college educated" morons who have never done an actual day of real work in their lives. Businesses don't have souls, they don't care about people. It's called capitalism and pursuit of the Almighty Dollar.

That's what we do in this country, we worship money. If you don't want to be used and abused by someone else, I suggest you become your own boss. Because as long as you work FOR somebody else, you are going to be exploited. Companies do not take care of their employees anymore...

and for that matter, many of them never really did. This whole illusion about the "good old days", those days lasted what, 20-30 years? During the unions' hayday, no less. Before unions, all workers were slaves.

Now that unions are going the way of the dinosaur, you can expect the robber-barons to revive the old business model of treating employees as property rather than people. Maximize profits, minimize expenses.

Employees are an expense.Expect to be minimalized.


Yes I was fired, and no I am not upset over being fired, but it is the additional lies target put on my good by evaluation that makes me so so mad.Even though I asked for tips to go faster (yes no matter how fast you are, they want faster), I was never given any.

In fact I looked for feedback from "team leaders" and was told I was ok, till the evaluation, when I was unloaded on.

Target put on this front, but they are not at all employee friendly, unless you are in the "group".I still get negative feedback from friends still there.

Darrell, Los Angeles go ahead E-me: THAMGRUP@HOTMAIL.COM

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