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My husband and I stood in line from 8:30pm until 6:00am --9.5 hours to get the Black Friday iPhone deal. I fully expect to spend a lot of time waiting in line for black Friday deals but had we known it would be 9 hours, I would have never did this!

They offered a 250.00 gift card for each iPhone 6 purchase. We got three and this made the deal worth it to wait awhile, but 9 hours??? This is terrible planning and management. They had 2 employees from an outside vender taking customers one at a time to activate the phones one at a time.

This took 3o minutes or more per customer. Since there was two of us, we were able to find out that Walmart and bestbuy who had similar deals handed out ticket vouchers with appointment times to come back so there was no waiting involved. On top of being terrible management, it was also inhumane to each one of us that suffered through this grueling experience.. No food, beverages, bathroom breaks , etc.

Not once did employees recognize or attempt to assist this fiasco. The two employees that were handling the activation also did not get any of these luxuries-- food, water, breaks. Not once did a fellow target employee come to check on them or offer anything they may need. The person in front of us who also waited 9 hours had waited for Nothing!

They were out of the phone she wanted when it was her turn. No one cared to inform any of the waiting customers when an item sold out!

Although we received what we went for, I feel that time is too precious and no one should have to stand in line for 9 hours when this could have been organized in many different ways. Disgusted!

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