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Went to order car seat they advertised online because they do not carry in the store and it was a special price. The online order said they were out of stock but would let me know when in stock if I checked the box, which I did, this was on Friday.

On Monday received notice was available. Went online to place order and it had increase $45 because it was now available.

I called supervisor at online Target and they would not stand behind Friday's price. Is this Target's standard Practice, Scam people on price by being sold out on sale price?!

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It begs the question, why bother putting it on sale in the first place? This is going off your logic.

What does Target gain from putting an item on sale online and then mark that item out-of-stock? Target is placing their own product online on sale, so why would they choose to put something on sale if they didn't want to sell it? Honestly, do you think these stores are out to get you and play reindeer games for the fun of it?

If this was an actual store, it could be possible. Many stores will disagree with the company decisions on certain sales. However, this is online.


How were you scammed? The price of gas isn't what it was a week ago.

Prices go up, it's a part of life.

Time to grow up an accept it.

to Simon #742383

No gas has gone down! I work hard for my money and just like every other person out there, I try to save money when I can.

I could have bought this item at another place that had it on sale online also but I try to buy from a company that is part of our community.

NOT going to make that mistake again.


Target fail!! Interesting how many items ARE out of stuck when it is on sale and as soon as it is not advertised on SALE it is back in stock. what do they call this in MARKETING 101.


The sale was probably over by then. When you placed the order did you verify that it would still be on sale when it came in. Their sales usually run from Sunday to Sunday.

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