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This is the 2nd year in a row Target takes orders that they can't fulfill. Back to back Christmases, customers who were lured in by great internet deals during Thanksgiving's Black Friday-Cyber Monday. And back to back years, Target backs out on their customers, sending thousands into that "last minute shopping mode" that well love...

$199 PS3 bundles, sound too good to be true? Maybe if you ordered through Target. After pushing back delivery dates to just before the big day, Target cancels orders all together, leaving customers feeling jilted and now trying to sift through overpriced leftovers.

I asked Target if they had another Play Station Bundle available and if I could change my order to that bundle if at all possible. "You could upgrade to the Move bundle for $350.00", was the reply from the service rep. I was not really interested in the Move, we have Wii so motion controllers were not on our wish list. But, I also know that, thanks to Target leaving people like me hanging for the last few weeks, while we waited for the merchandise that we had ordered and expected to arrive, bundle deals are few and far between and those Black Friday prices won't be seen again for about another 11 months... I still asked the service rep about the move bundle. I also had asked if Target would somehow make good on the fact that they are screwing their customers, and if they would possibly give me a break on the PS3 since I was looking at nearly a double in price. In the end, they wouldn't even give me a $20 gift card for the inconvenience or even .50 cents so I could call someone who cares... Target doesn't care who they *** on or *** off. Last year didn't cost them enough customers I guess, maybe this year will. I know it cost me an additional $100, a 1/4 tank of gas and 2 hours of stressful, last minute store hopping, to find a PS3. I missed out on Amazon and Walmart Bundles for much less than I payed for one today, and if I had just payed attention and read about Target's horrible history of doing just this,

I would have ordered through one of the aforementioned stores and avoided this mess to begin with.

I have always shopped Target, not exactly my store of choice but now it will be my store of last choice. After placing nearly $500 in orders with them this holiday season, and close to that much last season, I will not be doing the same again.

If you are looking for a Merry Christmas and not a big Bah Humbug then I would advise not ordering online through Target and if you appreciate a business who respects their customers, then you may want to do your in-store shopping somewhere else too.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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This post is continuing proof of how little Target is concerned with their customers. They have no concern for their customers, much less their satisfaction with the manner in which a potential return is handled.

Please take this as a warning about shopping at Target.

Not everyone knows about these complaint sites, so it is encumbant upon each of us to warn our friends, family and acquaintences how despicablly a customer with a problem purchase will be treated.

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