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Last year, I was in the ER 18 times over the summer. After one visit, I stopped by Target Pharmacy to fill my prescriptions.

The tech didn't ask me if I wanted a consultation, which she was supposed to do. I had been in the ER for nine hours so I wasn't thinking straight. I went home, and that night realized that their was no pharmacy label on the Mylanta. I didn't know if I should take a regular dose as prescribed on the bottle or something different because I was taking it with other prescribed meds.

At two am, I couldn't call my doctor and actually, the hospital staff in our town is so belliegerent, I didn't have the wherewithall to call to ask. I suffered all night with terrible pain and a few days later, filed a small claims suit against Target. After reading through the stack of papers the hospital had given me, I did see a dosage on page six at the very bottom in small print. I dismissed the lawsuit thinking it was really the hospital's fault.

Three months later, I went to Target to get another prescription filled. The tech said I'd have to come back tomorrow. I said okay. I didn't need the meds right away anyway.

The pharmacist came out and announced that she was not comfortable filling my prescriptions because I had sued her. Actually, I'd sued the store and the tech who hadn't offered the consultation. I couldn't explain because the pharmacist was out to start a fight. She kept provoking me by saying I'd have to come back and she would fill my prescription.

I don't think she got the angry response from me she hoped for. I was kind of caught of guard because I was no longer angry with them when I came in. But after a few minutes, she got the response she wants. I blew my stack and through the coupon I had and told her she could *** off.

I then spoke to the eighteen year old misfit who was the store manager. I told him I should still get the free gift card I had come in for. He said "Okay" and then went to the back and believed her screwed up version of the story. He was not polite when he came back and didn't give me the card.

I went home and filed a complaint with the pharmacy board. I was so pissed, I drove a copy of the complaint back to the store that night and left it with the pharmacy tech. The board is now investigating. First, it is a violation not to offer a consultation, and I feel the pharmacist was unprofessional for starting an altercation.

She was not going to shut up until she got a rise out of me. One time, I had a problem with an employee and asked to see the manager of the store. A *** kid came up and told me it is illegal to give out the manager's name. My husband at the time ahd been in retail for more than twenty-five years and said it was BS.

He was even angrier than I was. I think if Target paid there employees more, they'd get better employees.

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The Target at where I live has its share of numerous problems, too. The Target where I live there is a photo development center but the people working there are youngsters who don't know any better.

I still get my photos developed at the local Walgreens or Ritz camera. From my reading of your post, the pharmacy tech is ignorant of protocol. Remember, these are general laborers who don't know any better. When I ask workers at my local Target specific questions about electronics they do not know the answer.

They're just making minimum wage. I think the same rule applies to you when it comes to dealing with the pharmacy technician at Target. She should have offered you a consultation but she didn't.

It is a good chance she wasn't aware that she had to give you a consultation. Are there any pharmacies in your area in Escondido who could fill up your prescription so you don't have to go back to that specific Target pharmacy?


hahaha wow Mindy, you seriously think you have a "high education" yet you keep telling everyone else to get an education. either you're insecure about your own lack of education that you feel the need to tell other people to get one.

or you just simply are a miserable, lonely person. by the way, Pittsburgh is about 4-5 hours away from me, the location services on this website are a joke.

as for your little comment about attacks on this website, you just proved that you're a hypocrite because you post individual comments attacking people by location. yet you end up saying the same thing in every comment anyway, which is weird by the way because how would you know peoples education history?


You attack every response based on their location and calling people retarded. Really!!

Is that they best you can do? You were in the ER 18x over the summer? Did you have the same rapport with the hospital staff that you did with the pharmacy staff?

Your writing exhibits a huge chip on your shoulder that I sure people can see a mile away. It's always everyone else and not you.


Wow mindy you are pathetic, you actually tried to sue because you were too lazy to read? If you weren't sure how to take them, YOU ASK.

You sound like those customers who buy things without looking at the store policy. Then trying to return the items and blaming it on the workers for not telling you. Pathetic really, put the blame on someone else for your own mistakes.

"OO i don't know how much to take of these prescription medicine, soooo i'm going to just drink as many as i think i should because no one told me the amount i should take." thats what you sound like. i wouldn't have filled your prescription either.


Well, you can't say much about someone from Pittburgh either. But I strongly suggest you get an education yourself because you make yourself look bad.

As for me, I have an honors degree in economics from SDSU, thank you, and I do just fine.

Thank God I'm out of here. This is the most irresponsible website I've ever been on as has the biggest idiots.


Well, you can't say much about someone from Pittburgh either. But I strongly suggest you get an education yourself because you make yourself look bad.

As for me, I have an honors degree in economics from SDSU, thank you, and I do just fine.

Thank God I'm out of here. This is the most irresponsible website I've ever been on as has the biggest idiots.


I am really sorry that the people who read complaints on are uable to read. As I said, it is the law in California that a pharmacy tech offer a consultation.

I had been up all night and was slightly sedated, not to mention that I suffered as I would have while in labor. Yes, I do expect people in the medical profession to take care of me when I am sick and hardly able to think for myself. Silly me...

The point is, the pharmacist came out to start a fight when I came back three months later. There were many ways to handle this.

She is not is the business of creating chaos. When her pharmacy tech said I'd have to come back and see the other pharmacist, I was fine with that. She caused the problem and from what I've seen of, the people who post here are just as retarded as the pharmacy personnel. Like it or not, the pharmacy board is investigating the matter.

BTW, the dosage in the hospital paperwork was DIFFERENT than the dosage on the regular bottle of Mylanta so get a life, an education, or whatever you need so that you can learn to read. is NOT supposed to allow personal attacks and yet here they are. This is one reason why people are losing interest in posting on these websites.


Mindy you act as if you had a great education and I'm sure your husband did to if he worked retail for that long. I can't believe you tried to sue Target because you were too lazy to look at your papers.

and if I was those employees, I'd want to deny you to for trying to file a lawsuit for something that wasn't really my fault.

I also can't believe you have the nerve to judge people from the South for being "dumb" but you don't sound too bright yourself. I think they need to give you some extra medications, this time for being a crazy person.


Oh and North Carolina is no better. We\'ve all had our Opie and Andy moments, but get an education it will make you look better.


It's a sad state of affairs when the most intelligent, sopisticated person to come out of South Carolina is Clay Aiken. Me thinks people in that part of the country could use some more book learnin'.


Woe is me...I am clearly not responsible...Let's sue. If I was the pharmacist I would have turned you away to.

You have proven that anytime you feel slighted (right or wrong) you will hire a lawyer. Who in their right mind WOULD want to deal with you? FYI: hospitals are required to go over discharge instructions so it is likely that YOU missed the instructions and YOU failed to read your discharge paperwork.

Also ER's are not to be used as revolving Dr's offices. This is a clear example of why American healthcare is so expensive; Abuse and Entitlement.


Hey Ed. We don't have actual pharmacies where I am anymore, but it is a good idea.

I have to go to a different town to deal with pharmacy staff that aren't crazy. They must be low paid because here we have the bottom of the barrel.

At CVS, the tech tried to charge me $83 for meds that were covered by my insurance. I'd been getting those meds for years and only had a small co-pay. She started arguing with me and said there were changes all the time.

I said, "Are you saying there has been a change?" And she snapped, "I don't know what the government does." Well then, how does she know I'm supposed to be charged. When I asked how much the "uncovered" one would cost, she ignored me, turned the screen and started yelling, "Look, look, it's not covered." I asked how MUCH! I came home and contacted corporate who called me three times the next day and then sent an e-mail assuring me the matter would be dealt with and asking if I liked the way the matter was handled. They interrupted my work, which was not much of a help.

One call would have been fine. I will not go back to either one of these crazy houses. For one thing, since the economy crashed, they are short-staffed and the existing staff is under to much stress.

I go to Walgreen's now and have never had a least not yet. BTW, I have known the girls at CVS for almost a decade and they have never been a problem until recetnly.


Best go go to an actual pharmacy


Careful Joan, she might sue you for what you wrote! After reading all of this, I have a sneaking suspicion that Mindy is ALWAYS a victim of someone, constantly getting treated poorly, and regularly considering legal action.


Let me make this clear, three months after the fact, I went back to Target Pharmacy because I know longer blamed them for my troubles. I considered the hospital at fault.

I had an ad that said if you transfer a new prescription to their pharmacy, they will give you a $10 gift card. They had opened a new market in the store, and I figured I'd shop from groceries while waiting for the prescription. When I went to the counter, the pharmacy tech went to the computer and said, "We can't fill this today. You have to wait when Bill is here tomorrow." I said, "that's fine." She said "Wait a minute, let me ask." I really didn't care one way or the other.

The pharmacist then came blasting out, telling me that my name was flagged because she didn't feel comfortable filling my prescriptions because I'd sued her (Actually, I dismissed the case long ago). She continually harped about how she didn't feel comfortable and she didn't even know if Bill would fulfill my prescription tomorrow. He might not want to do it. I said, "Fine, I'll come back tomorrow." She went on and on, trying to get a rise out of me.

I was thinking, does she honestly think I'd come back after being treated like this. She continually talked about how I had sued her and was trying to get a rise out of me and nothing less. I could feet the heat rising and I was getting more pissed by the second. Before I knew it, I threw the coupon and told her what she could do with herself.

The manager was not mature enough to make a good judgment. He believed her side, whatever it was, and I was not given the gift card. I was not the one who started the trouble. I have been pissed by many customers in my various jobs and I never invoked a fight.

Her behavior was out of line, she acted unprofessional, and I'm sure as with most pharmacies, there is a hidden camera somewhere. Management should check it and see if that's the way they like to be treated. That is my complaint. Thay the issue was not resolved in a profressional manner.

The pharmacist should never have come out to confront and then everything would have been fine.

They didn't have to let me know that my name had been flagged as if I were poison either. There are definitely better ways to handle business.


As I said, I wasn't sure I was supposed to take the recommended dosage on the bottle with the other meds or if I should have had a special label to recommend a certain dosage with athe other meds. Usulally people take Mylanta by itself, and if you watch the news, you'll know that Heath Ledger and many other people die from mixing prescriptions that they shouldn't have. They should have made it clear. As I said,I felt that the hospital was at fault for not making the directions clear. BTW,the directions recommended on the paperwork was in fact different than the ones on the bottle. So three months later, I went back to Target pharmacy because the next pharmacy is across town and it is too far to walk. Trust me, after the bs I've put up with over the years, I'm more than happy to go somewhere else if it is convenient. The area I live in is rural.

Honey, in California it is the law that a consultation has to be offered, and when I have gone to other pharmacies I've always been offered one.

My "regular doctor" was on maternity leave that year. I saw the other doctors who were covering for her ten times, maybe twelve. They weren't savvy enough to recognize that someone with scarring will have troubles with stomach acid and gas. I continually had cat scans, x-rayas, and blood work down, not to mention, a treadmill test. When doctors can't find anything wrong with you, they write it off as anxiety and gastritous. I also saw a GI specialist who put a camera down my throat. He said my stomach was normal, and yet my husband had to carry me out to the car in the middle of the night because I was paralyzed from the pain.

At the same time, the city of Escondido was threatening to condemn my home for no reason other than they wanted the property underneath. I was slightly sedated when I went to the pharmacy, and had been up all night at the ER, because illegal immigrants use the hospital as their primary source of medical care. Target is responsible. They are the professionals. If they can't do better than to flag clients so that their pharmacist can invoke a fight when she shows up, they need to get a life. The hospital and Target has a bad reputation in the area. All I can say, Joan, is that you one day get help as incompetent as I have had. It will make you a more compassionate person.


Several years ago I was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer----I had no pain, not even when the doctor poked around on my stomach. I had almost bled to death before it was caught.

The doctor told my then husband if my blood count had been 1/2 point lower the night he took me to the ER, I would have been a corpse. I had eight blood transfusions in seven days. When I was dismissed from the hospital one of the prescriptions that I left with, along with two others was for Mylanta. I had a prescription for the Mylanta, but the pharmacist didn't put a label.

I assume he figured I was smart enough to follow the directions on the bottle. What I can't figure out is why, if you were unhappy with your treatment the previous time, why did you go back, unless you were hoping to pick a fight? I have never had a pharmacist tech. ask me if I wanted a consultation, they have told me to step to another area for one.

The main reason people aren't supposed to hop from pharmecy to pharmecy when they are taking different meds., is because when you stick to one, the pharmacist knows if they have to warn you about consequences of taking certain medications with other ones. If all your scripts are at that pharmacy you might not have needed a consultation. Also with the health problems that took you to the emergency room 18 times in the summer, I'm sure you weren't seeing the same doctor all the time, so if you had went to your regular physician, he might have been able to diagnose you quicker than the emergency room. At least going to your regular doctor, he would have been able to add up the different symptoms and you wouldn't have wasted time and money in the ER.

No matter if you had just spent nine hours in the emergency room, it is just as much your fault as anybody else's that you didn't get that consultation. You and nobody else is responsible for your well being. Also the manager that you made a snide remark about being 18 years old, couldn't have been that young and even been an assistant manager. He might have been something along the lines of a crew leader or whatever they are called, but still don't have any real authority.

Did you just assume he was a manager or did he just look awfully young for his age? All in all I feel you are just as much to blame as the pharmacy.

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