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We live five minutes away from Target in Escondido, but we go to Vista to shop at Walmart. Too many things have happened at Target. They are dirty and low. For one thing, I got terrible service there one night, and when I asked for a manager, a young kid came up and said the manager wasn't in (You'll hear this a lot). When I asked for her name, he said it was illegal to give out her name. My huband hit the roof when he heard this. He was in retail for more than 25 years and says it's b.s.

When my daughter got married, I ordered a wedding gift from Target Online. I paid for gift wrapping, but had the present sent to my house because they hadn't found a place to live yet. When I opened the outer wrapping, I was shocked. There was no gift wrapped and the brown, cardboard box the silverware came in was torn. Customer Service at my local store couldn't even tell me how to contact corporate, and when I did find them, they offered a ten-dollar gift card that I never received.

In November, I was terribly sick with ulcers. I was at the ER all night. In the morning, I stopped by Target to get my prescriptions filled. That night, I noticed they'd given me a bottle of antacid that was prescribed but no label was on it. I didn't take it because I'm hypersensitive to drugs and I already was filled with meds from the ER. I suffered all night. Didn't sleep a wink.

I was furious and filed a small claim suit for pain and suffering. The company acted *** in response. I then found instructions in tiny letters at the bottom of a page the hospital had given me. I then thought it was the hospital's fault that I suffered and I dismissed the case against Target. Several months later, I went to get prescriptions filled at the store. I pharmacist came out and told me I wasn't getting my meds that day. I shrugged it off. She said she "wasn't comfortable" filling my prescription because I sued "her." and I'd have to wait for the other pharmacist to do it. I said "okay." She went on and on and they issue started to escalate. I thought, surely she can't expect me to have my prescriptions filled here after this! She kept pushing me until I told her what she could do with herself and through a coupon. It was for a ten dollar gift card for tranferring my prescriptions to the store. When I did talk to a manager, he was about 18 too young to handle anything well. At first he said he'd give me the precious card, and after talking to her, he took her side and wouldn't give it to me. No one at the store would tell me the name of the pharmacist. I went home, typed up a complaint to the pharmacy board and took it back to the store because I was furious. She wasn't even there. The pharmacist that she said would fill my prescription the next day was there. She had acted like he wasn't coming in that day.

My complaint is based on her unprofessional attitude. She could have handled it a number of ways rather than confronting me. I didn't sue her anyway. I sued the store. I hadn't even seen her until the day of the confrontation. I believe it was the tech's fault anyway, for not offering a consultation which I gladly would have taken. I believe this pharmacist is mental and I am glad to go elsewhere. No one like her should be messing with people's prescriptions.

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Read your post if you want to see what "mental" is.

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