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I went into Target in Daphne, AL to try on some swim suits. The requirement is that you can only bring 8 pieces to the dressing room.

I had 9 things and the person at the desk was so rude when I asked her could I take that 1 piece of a bathing suit back there. And she said NO you can't do that! I said well let me speak to a manager. She called the department manager and she said on the walkie talkie that she didn't have time to talk to the customer because she was at lunch!

I was like what the heck? (to myself). Well, the "so called" manager came up this tall guy and I told him that I understand the policy but your swim suits are on sepreate hangers and it would be a hassle to have to put on all my clothes again and come out for one bottom piece. He them cooped an attitude with me and he said NO you can't do that and we ain't gonna let you do that!

I said dang its just one peice! its not like its 20 peices! I told him that he had lost a customer. He told me fine he didn't care!!!

I walked off and left the merchandise on the counter. I told the Target corporation via phone and filed a complaint but I was told by the complaints person that no one contacts the customers to check the status and they don't give you a complaint ticket. The guy over the phone did appologize but I think its unsatisfying that a customer don't get a call back from upper management! So whether or not the district manager got it or not, I have no idea!

but that was the LAST TIME I set foot in that *** store!!!! the guy was so ignorant he don't even realize that customers feed his *** *** and Target too!!!

There isn't any good customer service anywhere! NOT EVEN in country *** Daphne, AL!!!

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First of all Ive been to this store and never have had that kind of service they have always been polite and kind, second I dont believe you about they would yell at you, get a life.

to Melinda #1149161

The reason you did not get "bad service" and "rudeness" is because you follow the rules and don't argue and throw a temper tantrum like the OP did. That and the manager was on lunch.

They are not being paid while on lunch and not required to help the OP. Break time is their own time. They should not have their meal interrupted because the OP cannot behave like an adult.

My guess if if the OP were asked to help someone while she was on her lunch she would be the first to complain about how unfair it is. The OP seems to think that she is some sort of princess and the world owes her.


look anonymous, the original poster just couldn't follow the stores policy. just understand that.

if you want to comment on the valid complaints then alright. but your creepy mumbo jumbo isn't needed on a post like this.

go to your next therapy discussion and discuss with the nice man about your problem with staying on topic and your smiley face fetish. maybe it'll even clear up some other things.


Target has a strict dressing room policy because of shortage. Many guest each day abuse the dressing room and try to sneak in extra clothing (mostly bathing suits) which are most commonly concealed under their every day clothing. You can thank the wonderful American thieves for sealing and ruining the fun for everyone. My store alone had $322,000 stolen from guests alone in one year (we are a low shortage store just north of Atlanta).

In the situation of the manager on "Lunch".....

Hourly store managers and other team members are mandated by FEDERAL LAW to take a 30 minute non-paid lunch for every 6 hours of work they perform. The HOURLY, Not salary manager is not allowed to help guest, check guest out, talk to other managers, or even talk to team members about target related work. You can thank your favorite company walmart for that law after forcing many of their employees to work off the clock and caused a very large lawsuit.

Target is a company that strives for great guest service in our 1768 stores in the US, we care about taking care of our guests. Over 1600 guests a day come in my store and I guarantee I ask every guest I come in contact "Can I help you find something".


Well dang how many items can a person try on at one time. It really doesnt matter cuz ppl try it on, buy it, and then return it and say it was the wrong size, I thought I cud fit it.

So this shouldn't even b an issue the employee was only following a rule and the other employee was only trying to enjoy his/her lunch. I wouldn't want 2 interrupted by something so *** either.


The Ionic Pro Air Purifier was given to me as a gift in March. It stopped working in July, just beyond the 90 day return period.

I contacted Target and told them I discovered the product gives off toxic ozone when I googled it to learn why it was no longer working. Target was completely unsympathetic. I asked them how to contact the manufacturer because I had not been able to reach them after a google search. Target said they could not help.

They gave me a number which was a number for Target. I asked them why they are selling a dangerous product and why they didn't know how to contact the manufacturer but they just said sorry, nothing they could do.

What a disreputable outfit, selling dangerous products and being totally uncooperative in requests for help in contacting the manufacturer. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM TARGET...ANOTHER PURVEYOR OF CHINESE TOXIC ***!!!

Oh, Jedi - you are so wise as to the ways of Target's operations.
Why don't you write to her about the very polite TEN YEAR OLD child from Canada, who truly knows how to interact with major chain stores? :x
It is absolutely amazing how much you know about EVERY person who lodges a complaint against the Target stores. :x
It's a shame you have to deal with these people. Who knew there were so many people in the world who didn't have enough knowledge like you at THIRTEEN years old and polite TEN YEAR old from Canada does. :(

Most likely the "rude" part and "worst customer service" was telling this person no. Also would you like someone harassing you on your lunch break just because some *** can't follow the rules and wants an exception because they think the world revolves around them.

I am also sure a "so called adult" could spell piece correctly.

Of course he does not care that he lost you as a customer, when a grown woman throws a temper tantrum like some seven year old because she did not get her way it is just pathetic and sad. Also losing one customer who can't behave her age in public is not going to make them go broke.

to Jedi Knight Ethan #1149014

You're so right -- from my 30+ years of experience, no matter how polite your "no" is, the only recourse those kinds of customers have (when they're not getting their way) is "Well, they were rude." NO is not rude. It means you're breaking rules that are in place to protect the company, other customers, and YOU in many cases.

Anyone who doesn't understand this concept has never had a business or experienced the immense loss of shoplifters.

Until you have, you need to shut. up.

to Jedi Knight Ethan #1149158

Even seven year old's now how to count and go by the rules. Why this person acted more like a four year old.


so you expect the store to break the rules for you AND you're mad that an employee wouldn't help you while they were off of the clock? calm down.

if you weren't so lazy, you could have come back out for the other clothes. oh and prepare for the Anonymous Preacher from Mississippi to soothe you and ask to see you in one of those swimsuits.

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