I returned a universal phone charger on 1/23/11 the same day I purchased it, it didn't charge the phone. It's been 2 weeks and my account still isn't credited.

I went in person to speech to customer service 2/6/11, I said I wanted my money back directly from the store, an amount under $25.00 dollars, I was talked down to, laughed at, and told that wasn't going to happen I need to go to my bank and file a grievance. Worst customer service ever, very unhappy, I will never shop target again.

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you wait two weeks... then without printing any kind of bank statement you go to demand 25 dollars cash from the store? With no proof? Did you bring the Return Receipt that was stapled to your original receipt with you?

Probably not. Did you perhaps take the return in the form of cash or a gift card?

Probably. I am sure they did laugh at you, that is hilarious.


So you went in and rather than figure out why you weren't credited, you just demanded they just hand you the cash? You're an ***. That's also something you take up with your bank AND Target.

Peterborough, New Hampshire, United States #246314

you should go talk to your bank before you blame everything on target.

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