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I was in a Target store two weeks ago and purchased to Variety pack bags of Chips priced at 2 for $7.00. When I pulled out my receipt to give my comments online about the customer service and state of the store, I noticed I was charged $6.59 each for the bags.

I went back to the store and told them of the mishap. I was told they had this same issue last week and the price was referring to a large bag of single chips. I told the clerk these chips were the only ones in the area near the signs and the signs said 2-24 ct bag of chips 2 for $7. So that means someone mis-labled the chips.

They refused to give me a refund. I called corporate they refused to give me a refund. I contacted the BBB they still wouldn't budge and give me a refund. This is some of the most terrible customer service I have ever experienced.

That's false advertising because Target would not even honor their own price tag which one of their associates mistakenly mis-labled. Needles to say they went back and changed all the signs to the correct pricing.

TARGET will never see a dime of my money ever again. This retailer obviously does not care about providing good customer service or retaining it's customers base.

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@..., Your point is useless, regardless of how irregular the price, a merchant is always suppose to honor the advertised price, point blank. I have seen the bags of chips sell for close to that price at $3.99 a bag, so it isn't for fetched to think a chain merchant would mark the price even lower than their competitors.

You are right I would say nothing if it were vice versa, neither would you, so try another rationale.

It's all about Target honoring their prices, recognizing their mistake, and paying restitution to their customers. I never asked for them to give the item away, but only to be charged for the advertised price on my day of purchase.A

I added a little compensation would be nice but not necessary for all the inconvenience, which is what most decent merchants would do to keep their customers happy and returning.

One another note: The below statement by Consumer000 is not minds.I said I would not respond to anymore comments by people of a certain name and I haven't nor will I. In addition to any names close in similarity.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #333191

Anyone with a bit of common sense known the multi packs are not going to be 2 for $7. It is all too easy for a kid playing with signs or a dishonest customer to move signs around.

It may have even been an employee error ing placing the sign. That doesn't mean the store has to give the product away.

They are entitled to charge the proper price for the product. I guarantee you that if you got to the register and were charged $3.50 for an item you thought was going to be $7.00 you wouldn't demand to pay more and then get on the internet and complain about being undercharged.


@Tasha, You Win! Do you feel like an adult now?

You are boring me to tears with your repeated nine year old comments (ever heard of new material), but I understand seeing how you have limited use of your brain. This conversation is not even a challenge but a total defeat.

So continue making your comments if that's what makes your day.

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Get a Freaking Life are you two low lives serious. You are still thinking about Target, ha ha!

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Someone post about their experiences and you get on here and discount their story and criticize them. You two are freaking cowards behind a computer with no life.

And now your are whining and crying because some called you two screw ups on your S*%t.



Save your breath Tasha. If you don't agree with the ignorance that people want to *** of themselves and put on Target, you obviously work there. That is rock solid logic.


@ Tasha of course you agree with Simon, you two are conjoined twins with a half a brain between you.

Much like Simon you add no real value to this forum other then hurling insults. The Site is called PISSED CONSUMERS, what the H%&L kind of posts do you expect to read?

I have a legitimate claim but the sanctioned Tarbutts on this Site want to call everyone cry babies and children for posting their complaints.

What does that make the rest of you who respond to everyone's posts. Freaking get a life you FAKE CORPORATE POSTERS!!!


@Simon you are not offering opinions you are hurling insults. This site is for pissed consumers hence the posts by consumers who have had bad customer service experiences. What is your reasoning for being on this site. I never said you had to agree with me but you offer nothing of value nor are you helpful.

You are a pathetic human being that wishes to spew negativity. One can only wonder what a pitiful life you lead. I bet you live your whole life on the computer no real human contact. Insulting others because you feel in adequate about yourself or abilities perhaps!

You must be a fake poster for TARGET, bashing people as they post about their bad customer experiences. I will no longer even acknowledge you because you are obviously a plant for the BIG Corporation or some crazy looser with no life.

Continue on with your fake miserable existence corporate spawn. The day will come when a corporate giant delivers a big *** right to your door step. I bet you won't defend them then, nimrod.

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If you didn't want people's opinions why did you post? You should have made a disclaimer that said "only respond if you agree that I am a helpless victim of coporations beating up on the little guy."

I don't have to agree with you (as you can see, I don't).

I think you are being a huge baby over a little mistake. I hope the next time you make a mistake, someone slanders you all over the internet.


@Simon, your comments are not needed. You clearly do not have anything productive to say per your responses to every ones post about Target.

My complaint is about how Target handles there customers.

Regardless the intellect or the age of their associates a certain standard should be adhered to. You obviously have to much time on your hand and are a very miserable, PLEASE CONTINUE IN YOUR STATE.


I usually take the item back to the store and go to the sign to verify I was over-charged. If the sign says something different than the scanned price, I take the sign up to customer service and show them.

Most ethical businesses will admit someone messed up and refund your overcharge. If this fails, I have heard of really angry customers making a point of causing some damage to a couple of store items(SURREPTITIOUSLY) so they at least cannot sell a product and take a loss. I am not saying this is the right thing to do, of course, but when a store is wrong and refuses to admit it, they need to lose some business. On the whole, I have always found large stores like Target rather glad to make amends.

I wonder what their side of the story is? Walmart is, indeed notorious for mistakes, most always not in your favor, but given the caliber of Walmart employee, that is to be expected. Their employees are way over-paid for the quality of their work.

I avoid that chain as much as possible. I can only take so much in a given day.


If you feel that way, then I hope you can make your own chips at home. In fact, I hope you can make your own clothes and grow your own food because EVERY store you have ever visited has made pricing mistakes.

Wal-Mart is notorious for pricing errors, so boycott them too.

I'm sure you're absolutely perfect at your job and never ever make a mistake, but the 18 year olds working for $7/hr at Target might happen to make one once in a while. Get over it.

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