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I ordered a few items from The total was $130.14. Today I get two new charges.

$27.92 and $27.84. I called Target to find out why this was and they told me the $130.14 was a hold put on my card to make sure I had the funds. I'm waiting for the other approx. $75 to come out to make up the entire $130.14.

The problem? I wasn't told by Target that I'd be DOUBLE CHARGED for my purchases for at least 7 days. Target won't cancel the remaining order because I only had 30 minutes after submitting the order to cancel it. It's not right that they can tie up $130.14 of my money for 7-10 days.

Target told me to call my bank and have them release the $130.14 hold yet my bank tells me they need a letter on a Target letterhead. Then Target tells me they cannot do THAT! What if I didn't have DOUBLE my purchase price when I ordered? What if I had children to feed with that $130?

Citizens cannot have companies hold their money like this.

AMERICANS'S cannot afford this! Target needs to stop this practice!

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Hate - I didn't realize that when you put stu*id in your title that you were describing yourself. You fabricated something about a shirt and want an ACTUAL answer about something you made up?

I know - let's call you, "Planet Boy Am I Stup*d" and change that nasty "Hate" tag you placed on yourself. You kind of are harsh to the posters, but way too hard on yourself!!! :grin :grin

Lighten up and get your panties out of a wad! :roll

If it makes you upset about the smiley faces, try a crying one - :cry Sounds like your parents.


yeah, I have the pea sized brain. yet you're the one that's incapable of answering anyone's questions because your mental and bipolar disorders keep you from staying on topic.

you're just a little hypocritical if you're going to say I'm really out there when your posts consist of nothing more than hating Target, expressing your interest in the original poster and your fetish for smiley faces.

but what's next? go ahead, show these other posters how "big your brain is" and "how you are so far from being ignorant"


Hate - What planet do you orbit in your pea sized brain and does it hurt when you try to formulate a thought? :zzz

You are really, really out there.

AND, you are the most ignorant person on this site.

Including blackdon'tcrack, that's saying a lot! :grin


what money, Ocean Springs? a few bucks that wouldn't give back for a shirt that you ripped yourself?


I hate Target. They can't close too soon to satisfy those of us who they $crewed out of money.

I hope they go bankrupt!!!!!! :p :p :p


now here's a situation where I feel like Target completely f**ked up. but where's anonymous and MsLea? too busy getting it on with each other and commenting on the stories that are ridiculous.

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