A Trouble game was purchased for my granddaughter for Christmas and when we opened the box the graphics sheet to the playing board was missing! I didn't have the receipt, but only wanted to exchange the game for a game with the graphics, so that we could play it!

Because I didn't have the receipt, they insisted on giving me a Target gift card for 2.50 less than the game cost! This meant that I had to go purchase the new game and pay additional money as well! I disputed this until I was blue in the face and then the manager had this clerk call some Target customer service dept. and all that person kept saying was it's policy.

I asked for his manager and was told that I would be told the same thing by him, it was policy! By that time, I had heard about their *** policy one to many times and told him not to say policy one more time and to let me speak to his manager. Can you believe he had the audacity to repeat to me that the manager would just tell me the same thing, that it was policy! Well, at that time, I had had enough, so, I told the store manager that Target had lost a good customer over 2.50 and his reply was "sorry"!

Please keep in mind, the game was defective and I just wanted to exchange it for a playable Trouble game. Needless to say, Target has lost me and my two sisters as customers, as they were with me! Target, thanks for creating a PMCE (positive memorable customer experience) for me that day (not)!

You see, I'm in customer service, also, and would never dream of treating my customer's in this manner!!!

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Lemont Furnace, Pennsylvania, United States #16496

Target has "rediculous" policies, and you can't spell.

Galena, Alaska, United States #12286

I just had a similar experience, and will no longer be shopping at Target. I purchased a defective TV table set (Target Home brand!), or should I say just poor quality.

Since I am a student and on a very tight budget, I know that I have to care for and maintain what I have to make it last. I paid almost $40 for this furniture, and thought they would be pretty sturdy for the price.The cheap stand broke into several pieces and I took it back to the store (mind you, that is no simple feat in New York). I still had the receipt, but was told nothing could be done because it was beyond 90 days.Come on! This is furniture- it SHOULD last longer than 90 days.

I was told that I could call Customer Relations to get information to contact the manufacturer. I called, but the no one could give me the manufacturers information because it was an overseas company. THIS WAS A TARGET PRODUCT, and it was sold in Target stores, and they had no information for me. Not only would they not return, exchange or give store credit, but they could not even stand by their OWN policy of providing manufacturer information.

I even told them I was reading that they would provide such information/assistance if a there was a return with an \"expired\" receipt directly from the sign right there in the store at the customer service desk ! I was given the same run around after talking with FOUR different people. Person to person, and all they could say was policy, policy. But they were not even following there end of the policy!

When I pointed this out to the final person, she said that she did not have time to debate this matter with me, she needed to hang up and handle another matter!! Can you believe it!! And they call themselves Customer Relations!

I am left with a $40 piece of poor quality wooden mess that I will throw away, and a determination not to shop at Target. I will tell everyone I know about this experience, because a store should be accountable for selling shotty furniture, having such poor customer service, and failing to follow their own policy which they so strictly enforce on their customers.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #3264

I had a very similiar experiences with the Target store near me on 2 separate occasions. Both times defective merchandise, both times they said they could do nothing.

After the second time I finally called their customer service line. I got the exact same response you did. I stayed very nice and calm the whole time on the phone. I just kept explaining to them that they were losing literally thousands of dollars a year in revenue over $40 in DEFECTIVE merchandise.

They were ok with that!

I am in customer service too and I also could never imagine treating my customers like that.

Not to mention the fact that it just does not make good business sense. These types of rigid black and white policies that are only in the interest of the company are going to catch up with them eventually.

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