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ordered two items from the same day I ordered from Best Buy and Apple. I recieved tracking ( and my items ) quickly from Best Buy and Apple but Target still hasnt shipped my items.

I called and spoke with 4 different was obvious they didnt care if i ever got my order. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH TARGET AGAIN...EVER!!! my items are sitting in their warehouse....they have my money and they are too lazy to ship them out to me on time.

WARNING.. if you need something in a timely manner DO NOT ORDER FROM TARGET>COM.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Wow, Ed - Thanks for the warning. You are 100% right.

Target doesn't care who they screw over. They don't concern themselves with customer care after they get your money. All the other retailers in business strive for your satisfaction, but at Target, once they get your money, their participation in the transaction is completely over. You can call, complain, write letters, speak to their managers and corporate offices and whatever else you can think of, but you will never get satisfaction. and the bricks and mortar stores are the same. Once they take your money, they back themselves out of the transaction.

Buyers - beware!!!!!!

If you think this only happens to a few customers, then read all the complaints on Target and They are all the same.

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