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What can I say but they stink! Even though you sent your friends and family to thier store for gifts, they won't exchange for another item needed/return for credit even if on the registrey.

I guess I'll just have to be rude to the gift giver and require them to give me the receipt/gift receipt. I guess I'll have to say (I really like the gift, but I got three today so give me the stinking receipt so I can return.) You are only allowed 2 returns a year up to twenty dollars each.

They treat you like you came in and stole the items.


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I also did my baby registry @ seems things have improved slightly since the 2008 posts, because any item that was on my registry that I had no receipt for I was able to exchange for the current selling price - but don't get me wrong - this IS a complaint. When registering @ target, as with most retailers, you are pomised a "completion discount" to use after your event has passed.

At this retailer it is a book of coupons redeemable for 15% off of anything on your registry that you didn't get, 10% off anything NOT on registry that you still want. Never got it. Battled back and forth with their customer service for FOUR MONTHS after my shower had long since passed and not until I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau did I even get anyone's attention. In the end they sent me a $30 gift card, hardly worth all the trouble I went to on thephone and thru email just to get what I was promised to start with.

Also bought all of my dishes, glasses and silverware from target - DON'T! The silverware (one of their higher end sets) rusted the FIRST time thru the dishwasher, the plates chipped the FIRST time thru the dishwasher, and the glasses are the only things still going strong, and their the cheapie brand!!!


I had the same experience with Target. I have made it my goal in life to tell everyone I can that Target is a horrible place to shop/register.

Henrico, Virginia, United States #16206

It is completely understandable that a company such as Target would have a strict return policy. But their return policy is ridiculous.

If someone comes and registers at your store for a wedding or baby, they have the potential of making the company a lot of money. As I have just recently done! Then you receive duplicates due to lack of employee training (i.e. lack of their employees knowledge to remove items from a registry) or a slow computer system that cannot keep up as fast as customer’s purchase.

If Target wants to keep it’s customers walking through the doors changes have to be made. They need to look at other retail stores such as Dillards or Lowes. Dillards puts a proof of purchase sticker on every piece of merchandise that is purchased and that is your receipt. You return an item no questions asked.

Lowes tracks every item purchase by either a driver’s license number or phone number.

I just had a wedding and am now going through the hassle with Target. After I get all of my duplicates exchanged and gift cards spent, I will never walk through the doors of a Target again!

Cody, Wyoming, United States #11873

My sister apparently had a similar experience at Target after receiving hundreds of dollars worth of registry items from their store. She registered for some items in duplicate (at Target and Babies-R-Us) since many of our relatives do not live near a Babies-R-Us store. When she went in to exchange two small items (the Munchkin wipe warmer was actually broken when she got it), yet she was told that they would not return or exchange the items for any reason without a receipt. Given that these items were purchased off her registry, why does Target need to treat her like a criminal that stole something?

What other store only allows two returns per year up to $20? Why don't they just mark her registry in some way so that the store can tell which items have already come back? I have never heard of such a thing. My older relatives will be horrified to hear that my sister couldn't just simply exchange items for diapers or whatever she needs, and I can assure you she is not about to go ask shower guests for receipts. That implies that you didn't like the gift or don't intend to keep it.

The employees in the store were apparently so ugly to my sister that she will never shop at Target again. My mother and I also plan to boycott Target. Target won't notice that two good customers aren't returning, but if their policy continues I can only hope that others will also avoid Target.

Wrightstown, Wisconsin, United States #11862

I did my baby registry at target, (bad idea) when my friends when to buy me the stroller they were told that somebody already got it, so they when and got me a swing for the baby, now i have 3 swings , I when to returned and they just look at me and said without a receipt we can't take back , I told them that the items were on my gift registry but , they treated me like I stole the item, What am I suppost to do with 3 swings. I just wanna to return it and get the stroller.

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