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I purchased a T-shirt for my granddaughter's birthday in Altoona, Iowa. It didn't fit, so we returned it in Clinton, Ia with the gift receipt I had included in the package.

We tried to exchange it, but this store didn't have it available. I had paid nearly $12 for the shirt less than 10 days before & my granddaughter was offered $5.50 as a return. I asked why the gift receipt was right there. I was told that only proved it was purchased at Target & this was the price on the computer.

HA! I had the actual receipt in my wallet - We got a full refund.

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if you have a gift receipt, and the item is actually on it when it's scanned, you'll get the price that the person paid for it applied to a gift card.

if you DO NOT have a gift receipt, or the item isn't on the one that you were given, you get the lowest current selling price, so that means say the items normally sells for 10.99, but four weeks ago it was on sale for 8.99 then you can only get 8.99 back since it's not known what you paid for it.


Actually Target do not give the clearance price. They give the lowest price they've sold the item for before. If the item is selling for $10 now but was on sale for $5 a week or anytime before that, they'll give you $5.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #29903

I wonder why you did not show the receipt in the first place. Were you trying to play games with them.


It should show what you paid unless the team member changed the price. He/she might have seen it was a markdown and changed it knowing the gift receipt does not show the price.

Great you had the original this has happened to me so I know there dirty games they play. Walmart does the same give clearance prices watch out.

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