Target customer service SUCKS!! I ordered 6 gift certificates on December 4th and was told 5 to 6 business days I would have them.

As they are Christmas gifts I ordered them in plenty of time for all my Christmas parties. When they never showed up I called to hear a recording about how you had larger than expected orders then I waited to talk to someone. When they finally got on the phone I couldn't understand a word he was saying. There is NOTHING more frustrating than already being upset and then not being able to understand the person you called for help he told me they will ship out tomorrow and be there by Friday this was Tuesday.

When I checked my items still had not been processed for shipping so again I called and I waited for ever for someone to pick up and then he did and I absolutely could not understand him. When I told him I couldn't and asked to speak to someone else he hung up on me! So I called back again and asked for a supervisor who told me I may get my gift cards before Christmas I may not. I said please just cancel the order oh we can't do that!

Excuse me? No we can't do that and they are 100% non refundable I am not asking for a refund for something I have you have no GIFT CARDS to send me and haven't sent out the ones I ordered and you are telling me you can't cancel? Yes ma'am! This is absolutely absurd!!!!!!

I will NEVER order from Target again and it will be a real long time before I set foot in one again! Walmart may not be as nicely put together and fancy but I have never had a problem with anything I order from them in fact I just ordered some decoration and they came in 3 days! And NOT ONCE has anyone offered me an I'm sorry this happened we will fix it NOPE what I got was if you haven't received them by the 18th call us back and we'll go from there!

Target you have my money and I have NOTHING!! Merry Christmas!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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