I am so tired of Target issuing a gift card when you have a return. I had numerous items that I purchased on my Target credit card receipt and I had a $10.00 gift card that I applied to this receipt.

I returned a few items, the total receipt was still way over $10.00. They could only apply the items against my credit card but $10.00 of it would have to be a gift card. I was so mad. I asked for a store manager.

I did not want another gift card.They said there was nothing they could do- it was the way the computer worked. They did tell me they have had numerous complaints about this practice. The only way they could not issue a gift card was to give me cash which they did. I should have just turned around and given them the cash to pay on the credit card bill.

This must be a ploy to get extra interest for those that do not pay their credit card balances each month. I don't know of any other company that does this!

From now on I will do two separate receipts- one for the $10.00 for items I know I won't return, such as food and then the other receipt for all the other items I buy.

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