Watch your cashier very closely when checking out with sale items that are supposed to include a gift-card reward. I was buying cat food listed as "Buy 2, get $5 Gift Card". I picked up 4 boxes. Indeed, when I checked out the screen prompted the cashier to award me with two $5 cards. I then watched as she retrieved the cards (which are blank until authenticated), authenticated them, and then placed them directly back in her drawer without looking at me.

I didn't say anything at first because I wanted to see if she would give them to me with the receipt at the end of checkout. She did not. The receipt printed, she gave it to me and then turned to start checking out the next person in line. I said, "Are you going to give me my gift-cards? The ones I saw you scan"? She hesitated for a moment and then acted like it just slipped her mind -- and here it gets worse: she reaches back into the drawer and INSTEAD of giving me the cards she scanned and set aside, HANDS ME TWO BLANKS!

"These are not the ones you scanned" I said... and trying to save face, she scanned them as if she didn't know they were empty. They came up as $0. Then she continued with the charade by acting like something had gone wrong with the scanning procedure, telling me it wasn't working and hoping that I would go away. Instead we called a manager. He did get me the right cards in the end, but showed neither surprise nor concern when I pulled him aside to explain what I'd witnessed. His odd behavior and non-sensical response to the situation gave every indication that he was at best complicit, and at worst in on the scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1288405

It's funny that this is being discust cause I was just let go because they claim I had stolen a $10 gift card from a guest and used it the same day. Well what actually happened was the guest purchased $1200 in products and prompted for a gift card but they had so much groceries that i put it to the side.

In the end of the transaction I forgot to give it to the guest in their hands so I crab it with the intentions of giving it to a team lead but instead I was distracted. 35 minutes past and my day was done so my girlfriend comes to pick me up but not before she wants an hair iron. Mind you she has target gift cards of her own that where given to her by her employer. Long story short I also had some gift cards of my own to help with the purchase.

2 months pass now they claim to have video of me taking the gift card and walking away. Lol. My question is why did you wait 2 months about a *** $10 gift card that I had forgotten all together and used by mistake instead of giving it to management.

4 years and this is what I'm fired for. Lol I understand that their are many thief in retail but really 2 months .






Today I visited target to take advantage of an advertised price stating "Free $50 gift" with a purchase of an xbox 360 console priced $299.99.

I pay the $299.99 & I get a $50 gift card.

However, I was only taxed on $249.99 & the remainder of my purchase ($50) accounted for the gift card. What?

Yes, I "paid" for the "free" gift card because it was embedded in the price. Even though the end cap signage, the in-store flyer, & the online advert all say the same thing -- "free %50 gift card".

The first thing I do tomorrow is contact the store's first manager (not the customer manager who implied I can't do mathematics) & after that contact, I'll get in touche with district, then regional.

to Aaron Orange, California, United States #918727

You cannot do math, you still only paid $249 for an item that cost $299 but got the rest in gift card. They just simply subtracted $50 and put this on a gift card, have mommy or daddy explain this simple first grade math to you.


Seriously, you really reap what you sow. Better be careful in the future.


Thank you for your posting warning everyone about the treatment you received at Target. Hopefully, everyone will heed this message and take extra precaution when checking out.

It has been my unfortunate experience to be involved in a bait and switch with Target, and tried in vain to have the problem corrected at the customer service department and through their corporate offices. Hopefully, you contacted their corporate office and reached a more successful conclusion to your problem. If not, consider contacting the Attorney General of the state where the incident happened. Corruption at Target doesn't seem to limited to bait and switch considering your complaint.

Thanks for letting the public know about your shopping trip. Forewarned is forearmed.


This is not a scam. Its the employee trying to steal!

In fact, it happened to me today. I was at the West Kendall Target in Miami and I saw the cashier scan the gift card and put it back into his drawer.

I then asked him "Am I not supposed to get a gift card?" and he says "no, it just credit's you the $5 but I can give you a gift card". I didn't call a manager, it will catch up to him eventually.


OMG - This just happened to me in Miami. I bought something that was suppose to receive a $5 gift card and when I asked the cashier Anthony ( asked his name ) he acted surprised.

Target in Dadeland Station.

Agree with the poster that this is stealing. Cashier may not use it - but can always pass it to a friend or family member.


if it makes you feel better when they go to use that giftcard it will be tied to their employee number and it will flag AP and they WILL be fired for theft. See it happen every christmas season with the new cashiers. Next time this happens to you ask to speak to the LOD or AP.


It is not a Gift Card Scam. It is a theft.

The cashier will then take the gift cards and use them for themselves.

Management should have been more upset, but then this is how they are able to do this without blinking an eye. Hold your hand out for the card when they first reach into the drawer to retrieve the empty and immediately ask for it once it is scanned.

to Target Employee Orange, California, United States #918724

Get over it people, the OP later confessed that he lied about all this in hopes to get her fired because she was an ex girlfriend who refused to sleep with him until after they were married, he posted the same thing on compaintsboard.com and a few of their friends saw this review and he was forced to confess that he made it up to get her into trouble.

to Target Employee #1288415

shut up!!!


I agree with other posters that this isn't a scam, but the same exact thing happened to me (cashier scanned the card, put it back in the drawer, I pointed out that she was supposed to give it me, and then she gave me one that wasn't the one she scanned). The cashier didn't know what she was doing, and I found out a few weeks later when I tried to use it that it wasn't the one she scanned.

I had a feeling when she gave me one out of the drawer that it wasn't going to work but I didn't want to challenge her. The lesson here is don't be afraid to ask them to check the balance if you have any doubts that a gift card was validated!


Sounds like something shady a cashier was trying to do. I wouldn't blame the company.

It doesn't matter where you shop, every store is going to have cases of internal theft. It is what it is. Maybe you should cool off and think about things before you start ranting and throwing around accusations.

It isn't a "TARGET GIFT CARD SCAM"... It is simply a cashier making a wrong decision.


Your complaint is certainly valid. However, it's more a case of an incompetent cashier rather than a "GIFT CARD SCAM," as you are claiming.

The Target at which I am employed has never had any guest complaints about such a problem.

I also can tell you that whenever I am called to the front lanes to help ring when lines are long, I take special care to make sure a guest receieves the gift cards to which they are entitled (as do my co-workers).

Your claim of a "Target Gift Card Scam" is quite frankly, an erroneous accusation. I suggest you figure out the difference between a "scam," and an inadequate cashier.

to L.J. Jacksonville, Florida, United States #918587

I have a real Target Gift Card Scam.

Recently I ordered two packs of paper towels and two packs of toilet tissue from Target online. Both pairs each came with a "free $5 gift card" as part of a Black Friday promo, two gift cards total, which were to be sent by mail.

Eventually Target shipped and charged me for the paper towels and toilet tissue, but canceled BOTH of the "free" gift cards in my order, one because they were "out of stock", and the other a few days later because "it would not arrive in time." There was no offer for or mention of compensation; the order was treated as finalized, over, done.

Sorry, we don't have any more, so you won't get them - EVER. Their own company Gift Cards? Like they can't make more?

That's a scam.

I contacted customer service. Customer service claimed I had received an email asking for permission to delay the delivery of the gift cards. I had not. I am meticulous about my correspondence, receipts, charges, etc.

I had received two emails, one for each, notifying me that those items were delayed, but they requested no action by me. I still had them and reread them to be sure. Ultimately customer service issued me two $5 e-cards in compensation, for which I waited on the phone with the rep until the e-cards arrived in my inbox, having lost all trust for the company.

The cancelation of the free $5 gift cards was automated in their system. Their system could have, should have, been programmed to handle the situation more appropriately than this "bait and switch" tactic.

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