I worked at Target from March until July of this year. They treat their employees like slave trade.

The logistics team is forced to work in semi-darkness, an impossible task when being expected to sort and classify merchandise.

The air conditioning is not turned on to appropriate levels until minutes before opening. The workers are worked, "faster, faster", while being denied appropriate access to water, and bathroom breaks.

Personal information about employees is shared at team "huddles", and workers are repeatedly told that they are not indispensable.

The press states that Walmart has a poor record as an employer, it would be wise to open an eye towards the "hip, socially forward, discounter".

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Schwabach, Bayern, Germany #27317

your forced to work there? by what a court order, i don't think so, go find another job.

London, England, United Kingdom #25841

i also work target overnights logistics and they do turn all of there lights off at night and the air. iwork in a supertarget so the grocery side is usually cool but the opposite side probably hovers between 78- 83 degrees at night.

the lights are cut down to 50 percent lighting at night. if you cant see and are to hot i would suggest getting glasses and stop wearing the sweater at night.

Unionville, Virginia, United States #24477

Get real. Sounds like you don't like your job. So quit.

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