Do not trust Target for sending Halloween costumes on time or at all. I ordered a costume on 10/6.

The shipping arrival date was 10/17. I called Target today (10/21) to find out what is going on with my order. I find out my order was cancelled and no more costumes are available. I'm upset that NO ONE CONTACTED THE CUSTOMER (me) to allow me time to find another outfit.

Goodbye Target.

I cannot trust their service. Now I face telling my child to pick another outfit for Halloween because the costume is sold out on every site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

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Why do you depend on mail order for a costume for your kid? I take my childern to a custome shop or any store that sells costumes and tell them to pick out the costume they want.

if you are to lazy to take your kids to buy a costume that is your fault not targets. My kids like to pick out their own costume not have me order one by mail order.

Also my kids know that if something is sold out then they have to settle for something else and they do not pitch a fit. Your kids will never mature until you grow up and can show them the way to becoming an adult.


Yes, Anonymous-CO. Target Flunks Customer Satisfaction.

They leave the customer hanging with absolutely no recourse in many, many situations and simply take no care in changing their "M.O".

You are wise to leave that store alone! ;)

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