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I worked for Target from 2001-2004 and am once again emoloyed there. During my first employment I was promoted twice, once to a "shoe specialist" and again to a "team lead".

I left in '04 because I relocated to Cleveland and there were no positions available. And now in 2010 I am there for seaonal help until I join the military.

I have no opinion on how Walmart treats their employees as I have never worked for them, but I can say Target as gone way down hill, and this is why; every store manager I have ever worked for has gotten fired, and I have worked for four, ever singles ETL, or manager, has been in their 20's, shirt dif was cut for $1.00/hr to .50/hr while they also stated that the other .50 would be added to their paycheck (how about the new employees and the cap for the veterens? It seems to me that all Target cares about is maintaining itself as a young comany while simoutaneously not caring about it's employees.

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I have worked for Target for 35 years. I was an ETL.

All of my reviews have been an 85 to 91. Target let me go because I was making to much money and I was the oldest ETL in my store. Pay was. $75k a year.

I had no write ups in my time of service. They gave me two options, resign with a lump sum or be terminated.

Guess which one I took. It's not right giving your life to a company for so long and then they toss you out like trash.


The new target in davie is horrible the management don't do anything they are soo lazy and push there work on the team members and if it doesn't get done they wanna pull people in the office..

They sucks


If you are not a "yes man", make too much and are not promotable, or you rubbed someone higher up the wrong way ... they will find a reason to try to fire you or make your time there as miserable as possible. They do "target" ETLs, STLs, etc.

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What you are trying to say is this particular manager made sexual advances towards an employee and used his power to promise a promition then promoted someone else. How do you know this is true, this is just a rumor most likely. For all you know she could have lied about the sexual asvances because she wanted to get him in trouble because she did not get the promotion.

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I found out the situation. The manager was actually fired for sexually harassing a Team member. Promised her a better job if she put up with his sexual advances but promoted someone else.


I agree with the first comment, you may not know the whole situation. But in my experience working at Target, the managers do not care about the employees. With them, "It's my way, or else you're fired!" we are constantly on our tiptoes so that we don't get on their bad side.


If you think that is bad, check-out the Arlington, VA store where they are slowly getting rid of minorities until there is nothing but a handful that are left and I guarantee that these minorities will be gone before the year is up. Check out their HR manager who has been harrassing one employer since her arrival. But yet, Target turns a blind eye on this matter.

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You dont know the whole situation. There are reasons the managers fired and they are not going to tell you. Of course they won't tell you since it is private and the person who was fired will say it was because they are old.

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