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My family ordered gifts for our five year old cousins across the country- from for one, Amazon for the other. While Amazon's selection isn't what it used to be, their shipping is good.

The packages we ordered from them arrived promptly. We took up Target's offer for seasonal shipping via UPS. We began to get worried when the gifts we bought hadn't arrived at my cousin's house by Friday the 21st. When we called, they told us that one of the packages had been delayed because of the blizzard that was passing through.

They did guarantee delivery by the end of the day on the 24th. Ok, fine. The box was within a state of the end address, we figured it would arrive on time.

Enter the afternoon of the 24th, when one box showed on UPS' website as out for delivery, but the other had been transferred to the local USPS office "at the request of the sender." The package itself has yet to register in the postal services' system, so no one actually knows its status. Now these things shipped from two separate warehouses, I get that, but we selected the same shipping method for both and were told twice that delivery was guaranteed.

When I called target, they gave me the runaround for an hour with three separate representatives, explaining that sometimes UPS makes the decision to transfer it, or maybe if they can't find the house they'll call target, who will tell them to give it to the post office (which I find hard to buy, since the house is on a major road and right up against the street). Point being they refused to offer a straight answer and then couldn't connect us to a manager, because their managers had gone home early for Christmas.

Great for them, but not so great for my 5 year old cousin who won't have any gifts from us on Christmas morning because Target can't explain why they can't fulfil their guarantee and UPS assures us the transfer was requested by Target. The best they could offer us was a 5% rebate on our next purchase, though I'm sure my next purchase won't be from them.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Keep sayin' it- Target is a *** to deal with.


(with the possible exception of the perfect little South Dakota shopper, of course).

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