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I am very disappointed with my registry experience at Target and will be moving my registry to a different store. I went into the Irvine/Tustin store to scan items for my baby registry.

I was told that it would be available on-line within 5 minutes to 48 hours. I waited 48 hours and still my items had not been uploaded on-line. Three phone calls to the store and three phone calls to the 1-800 number, and all I was told is that either the associate failed to download the information/dock the scanner or there was a problem with the scanner. On my third call to the 1-800 number I was put on hold because the associate told me that the system/computer was running slowly.

I was put on this type of hold three times. My experience with the 1-800 number was terrible. The associates on the other end of the line really had no idea what I was trying to retrieve or what issues I was having. They seemed to really be confused asking what item I was looking for, telling me that I was wrong, that the event date couldn't be on Jan.

1, 2013 that I must mean Jan. 1, 2012, etc. If I remembered all of the items that I had scanned up, than I could fix the incompetence with the scanner and why would I be registering for my baby if he was born last January? My registry experience at Target has been quite time consuming.

It is so frustrating to spend the time to scan items only for the store to be incompetent and fail to store the scan. I was displeased with the MOD's attempts to keep the costumer happy and to retain my business.

All the while, within 24 hours of registering at another business, I received a customer courtesy call asking if I needed any help or if I had any questions about my registry. Come on Target, if you want to compete in the registry department, you really need to step it up!

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I hate gift's the white person's version of looting.


HEY ???

So Bgirl is a *** because she expects service from a company that holds itself out as being able to provide it? :x

Oh, yeah.

You're normal. :( :(


Does Bgirl stand for *** girl? Too bad you can't accept that there are sometimes problems with computers, scanners or human error that can create unexpected results. Unfortunately everyone is not as perfect as you are.

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