Bought an 3 year extended service contract with an iPod at Target.I had an issue with the iPod and sent it out for repair.

It came back stating the pins were crushed in the connector to the docking station and that was not covered. The contract only covers "normal" wear and tear. I was told by the person at the register when I bought it that if anything goes wrong with the iPod it is covered. It was not.

I will never shop at Target again. When I asked for a refund of the extended service contract, I was told I would get a prorated refund and because it was over two years that would be nothing. Never will I shop there again.

And because they won't refund me the $30.00.Their loss.

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Mountain View, California, United States #836693

Had the exact same experience with my crockpot.Plan doesn't work.

They just want your money.But they won't get any more of mine.


Target extended service contracts are a rip off.I purchased one on my touch IPod.

When I sent it in for repairs to Warranty Logistics they simply sent it back and claimed it was not repaired due to Physical damage or a prior unauthorized repair..




:cry :( :x :sigh :upset :eek :? :cry :( :x


Why do people complain so much about electronics.It is all made in China or Beijing.

You just have to go with the flow.

You have only a few places to shop. Walmart,K Mart,Radio Shack,Target. Best Buy. Target has the longest return policy of most stores.

That is why I shop Target.Most stores it is two weeks to 30 days.


okay folks, my digital camera took a dump for no known reason.I purchased the ESP.

Getting ready to call the Hampshire Insurance Co. I'll let you all know what happened.

Fingers crossed.Regardless, I will continue to shop Target over Walmart any day.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #178112

target blows i wouldnt buy a *** tootsie roll from those crooks



“it does NOT take a PHD to run a register”

Correct. However, Target TMs are routinely tested for register accuracy and speed.


“most of the average employees DO NOT know the policies anyhow due to the fact they get paid minimum wage to wait on customers who think "they are always right"”

Minimum wage has nothing to do with TM’s training or ability. Why the insults?

The job pays minimum wage as it requires minimum skill and training. All TMs have access to specialists and leaders that can answer guest questions. Most TMs are linked by ‘walkie’ radios during their shifts. TMs in specific areas (such as electronics or food service) are routinely tested for current knowledge of practices and procedures. TMs are required to complete the testing (and get a passing grade). Any TM that doesn’t is not allowed back on the SF (sales floor).


“so quit complaining because you had to have a 300.00 IPOD, and buy a 40.00 MP3/MPEG player, so when you break it, toss it and replace it.”

Brand new iPods are available from $55 at Target, less when on sale or purchased used on other venues such as Craigslist. Non-Apple MP3 players are inferior due to the power of iTunes software. You get what you pay for.


ever hear of reading "fine print".

you'll probably go back to target for something because "wal-mart" took a pee in your wheaties too..it does NOT take a PHD to run a register.

and most of the average employees DO NOT know the policies anyhow due to the fact they get paid minimum wage to wait on customers who think "they are always right". i myself have had bad experiences with target, wal-mart, and other stores. mainly due to NOT reading policies or "fine print" because i'm in a hurry.

so quit complaining because you had to have a 300.00 IPOD, and buy a 40.00 MP3/MPEG player, so when you break it, toss it and replace it.(but i guess im just a "tight wad") tis how i am FULLY RETIRED at 35.


In order to bend the pins on an Ipod port takes violence and or abuse. It's not something that "magicly" happens. You need to do something.

I've had an Ipod classic for almost 2 years now. Not a single problem. Not even a scratch. Simply becasue I respect my own property and take care of it.

Now I'm calling bull on the original post. No one could be THAT *** as to not read a contract before signing and THEN expecting the moon and the stars after.......oh wait. Sorry I am wrong.


Thanks Joe.You Rock.

Come on people, that little piece of paper with your ESP tells you alot.

And you will be referred to them for things that are not covered.such as PHYSICAL DAMAGE

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