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Target was my favorite store to shop in. Was being emphasized.

This Christmas alone (not counting all other holidays and misc. shopping trips year round) I have spent more than $1000 at Target!! So as a loyal customer I expect to receive a certain level of care and customer service. Here is my story: I received a gold ring in a gift exchange that still had the ring tag on it.

The item #, sku, price ($59.99) was still attached. The ring tag even says TARGET on it. I knew where it came from so I went to exchange the ring. I found the SAME style ring at the jewelry counter but was directed to exchange it at the customer service counter first.

When I told them I found the same ring and just wanted to do a fair exchange (NO store credit, NO return, just the SAME ring in silver) she told me this- without the original receipt (which of course I did not have IT WAS A GIFT!!) I could not exhange it or return it. I DID NOT WANT TO RETURN IT! I JUST WANT THE SAME DANG RING! The manager came over and repeated the policy in a rude way, making me feel like I was an *** for some reason.

She then said that they would honor $20 worth of the total price toward a new ring I could purchase! WHAT?! So you are telling me that they have rings in this store that value OVER $200 and you are going to "honor" $20 of that!?!?! And that a wife who received that gift for the holidays can not exchange it for the same ring in a different color or a size she may need!?

She said no and repeated the *** policy as if I had not heard it the first 5 times! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS IS ITS POLICY! WOW Target is going to make out this holiday season. What a bunch of crooks.

BEWARE when you buy anything at Target that the return/exchange policy sucks and is a rip off!!

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Jackson, New Jersey, United States #5064


I had the same problem with Target. I could never return a table I received as a gift. The table had a lot of deffects, and it was broke, and with all of these, they did not care.

Cave Creek, Arizona, United States #1940

Refer to my return nightmare same think.. They have lost me as a customer too.

I just posted my complaint today... AMAZING.... I am sending all my friends to this web site maybe someday someone from TARGE will read it...

MAYBE... if they are not to busy telling us to SHOVE it...

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