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Dear Friends, Family and TARGET GUEST:

I am so MAD, HURT, and ANGRY, with TARGET I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. I do know they have lost the HYLAND’S as customers. It is so very sad when a big corporation like TARGET has no authority to be human or make exceptions? It seems like in some very perverse way they like to say “NO” and make you feel like a convict whose picture is on the wall for the most wanted only because you want what is FAIR. When they make $1,000 of dollars in profit from you in one year they are willing to tell you that for $20.00 (this being the difference in the exchange price) take your business someplace else TARGET policy is TARGET policy. SORRY we will not make any exceptions. What has happened to us as people if for $20.00 you are just a big NOTHING to corporate GIANT - TARGET! (Wal-Mart here I come)

BACKGROUND we average a minimum of 4 to 8 prescriptions filled there every month. We pay $25.00 for our co-pay and our insurance company reimburses them whatever the agreed amount is for the prescription. I would assume they are making a nice profit in the pharmacy department (by the way I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Target Crossroads pharmacy people that is one of the main reasons I get our meds filled with them)

PLUS- I am probably at Target 4 or more times per month buying household items and plenty of gift cards during the holiday season (at least 8 this year).

STORY - I was in Target on December 16, 2007 and bumped into Barry and the girls (I know this date without a doubt because of another story that has to do with “THIS HOME BELIEVES”). They were so very excited about buying Rich season 5 of the TV program 24(they probably paid between $35.00 and $45.00) and giving it to him for Christmas, knowing it would be some good entertainment while he spends his 4 weeks at the City of Hope for his transplant. Of course at this time I did not know that we already owned season 5 which is totally my fault since I told them it would be a great gift. It was in the eyes and mind of Taylor and Jordan the perfect well thought out gift for Uncle Richie.

Yesterday January 10, 2008, I went to Target to EXCHANGE the season 5 “24” DVD’s (current price on Target site $44.99 not on sale) for some SEINFELD DVD’s (current price on internet $33.99, since I will no longer shop at Target I can not verify the current in store NOT on sale prices). I was told that without a gift receipt or the actual receipt I would only get $14.98 towards the $34.00 purchase of the Seinfeld DVD. Apparently if you can believe TARGET would sell the “24” product for less than their cost at a Thanksgiving sale then I am only entitled to the lowest selling price the product has sold for sometime in the past YEAR, without a receipt. After much discussion from their customer service people about - lie to your friends tell them the DVD’s skip or they are damaged to get the receipt and then you can return them and then you can exchange them for FULL CREDIT. I told them I did not want to ask Barry for the receipt and ruin what the girls were so proud to give to Rich. And in my world I just wanted the Christmas gift giving experience to us to be perfect for them (all those ohhhs and ahhhs when you open those gifts). Besides with Barry’s limited time and situation you know he no longer has the receipt and again I would not ask him.

I called the manager yesterday Lee and did not receive a call back. No surprise there. I called today and talked to Manager Maria. Same story we don’t care if we lose you as a customer you only get $14.98 credit without a receipt. I asked her and begged if she could look up my ATM number and see exactly how much we spend at TARGET in one year and that we were not criminals trying to steal from TARGET (she could not be bothered to look it up never asked for my name, never said I will take it up with someone else, never offered any other suggestions for a solution…. That is our policy good by have a nice life) and were they willing to lose us as shoppers for what amounts to about $20.00. The ANSWER is YES they DON’T care! I need to add at this point that I did lower myself and my standards and even tired using the “C” card (cancer, bone marrow transplant, entertainment for my hubby while at City of Hope). Still no give… I did tell her I was sorry for her that she worked for a corporation that had no authority to be human or have a heart. DEFEATED and shaking I was so very upset and now crying to a TARGET TEAM MEMBER over the phone that I said not good enough I want that exception on this exchange give me someone else to call. She said in a very polite COLD manner I can ONLY give you a number for GUEST RELATIONS… who are they kidding there are no RELATIONS with TARGET. This number is not something they keep by the phone since she had to leave me hanging for sometime to go retrieve the number. In case you need the number for Guest Relations it is 800-440-0680.

Several minutes and deep deep breaths later (although I was still shaking) I called the number. Talked to a nicer person named Michelle and told her the story….. No receipt and I don’t want to bother asking the people who gave us the gift, just want to exchange it… Target makes $1,000 of dollars profit from my family every year, husband has to have bone marrow transplant, can we please have an exception (by now this has become principal with me over $20.00 and I feel their $14.98 refund is an INSULT). She said SORRY that is our POLICY and we will not make exceptions for you or anyone else…. (crying again just thinking about how angry and sad this makes me I need to get this done and move on) and of course her worldly advise that since my husband had health issues I really did have bigger things to worry about…. INSULT….dhua….. do you think?….. Then help me out here LADY.

This is my official protest I will be calling my favorite Target Pharmacy team members and asking them to transfer all of our prescription needs to another pharmacy…. Any one have recommendations or suggestions? I just want everyone to be aware of what we as consumers are dealing with when it comes to TARGET. Personally it makes me very sad. What makes me the angriest is myself…. As you know we have lots of Heath stuff happening at the Hyland House and I feel like the dam is ready to break at any moment and I hold it together quite well but when I let something like this get to me and I cry over the phone to the Target Team Member, I realize how little you or I really matter. I know I can not cure Rich’s cancers but maybe I can get a big corporation to make some exceptions now and again it gives me something to fight, and in someway I need something else to vent my anger towards especially when it is unjust and unfair.

One more question I have asked them (and they of course have no answer)…. .Did the Seinfeld DVD’s go on sale during the year (you know they did)? And if they did why can’t you give me the lowest sale price on the Seinfeld DVDs for the $14.98 you are willing to give me on the return of the “24” DVD’s. I will be happy to pay the difference. In other words if I was trying to exchange Seinfeld for “24” I would get the lowest sale price Seinfeld sold for during the year.

These policies are true for all Targets. Pass this on and let TARGET know we are worth more than a $20.00 difference…. Copy this letter and give it to them next time you are in the store…. Email them… Let’s start a TARGET complaint BLOG! Not that they would read it... they won't

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TO: I Hate You:

Don't flatter yourself. You are nothing but a gruesome wreck that compels a person to look, and then makes you're sorry that you did.

There are no retakes looking at your ****y reviews.


Obviously you have, you dumb ***.


TO: "I HATE You"

What a stup*d posting. You are so ignorant that reading your posts are comical.

Why on earth do you think anyone would give a second glance at your rantings?


Hey ***. Go get laid rather than complaining about Target because you can't read or understand a simple return policy. Oh,and good luck at Wal-Mart, more of your kind shops there anyway.


Although I hate to read about the posters torment at the hands of The Target corporation, I do love reading that so many people have discovered for themselves how terrible a company Target actually is.

Keep up all of your good work. Maybe if we complain enough, there will at least be a shake up at the top and have the business revamped from its insane practices against their customers. Practices in stores in today's world just shouldn't be tolerated.

Posters to this site with their vulgarity should be ashamed of themselves, but to post such disrespectful comments, they don't have any integrity, so they know no shame. It's best if we ignore these faceless, nameless quips posted by the ignorant low rung of society. They have added nothing to your comment, not even amusing reading.

Way to go, guys, keep up your good work. Everyone needs to know what they are getting into when they try to do business at Target. I believe its symbol means they are shooting arrows at our foreheads or backsides, which ever direction they can get us!


God you are a whiney *** ***.. Hopefully your cancer ridden *** of a husband is dead and your two ***-*** he/she neice/nephews have been ***-raped repeatedly.

I hate people who try to get SPECIAL treatment because of what is happeneing in their life. All you bitchy fuckheads have to be treated the same so that companies arent sued. You had no physical proof of what was paid for the items. Oh, but you should be trusted because you have a sick husband.

What the *** ever. Just ask the *** kids for the *** receipt and stop your ***.


God you are a whiney *** ***.. Hopefully your cancer ridden *** of a husband is dead and your two ***-*** he/she neice/nephews have been ***-raped repeatedly.

I hate people who try to get SPECIAL treatment because of what is happeneing in their life. All you bitchy fuckheads have to be treated the same so that companies arent sued. You had no physical proof of what was paid for the items. Oh, but you should be trusted because you have a sick husband.

What the *** ever. Just ask the *** kids for the *** receipt and stop your ***.


Tellitlike... Just a little FYI back in 08 this was what I needed to tell my truth and my story. I did and I do to this day still tell people my Target story.... The really good news.... It will be 4 years in January since I spent one cent in a Target... and it has been a year since I walked through one (walked through last year with a friend on vacation), I was being a good sport. Hubby's health is still not good and the less stress in life the better.

As for Wal-mart, I just expect less from them but their prices are so good. A box of Life ceral at my market $4.52 (Ralphs) Wal-mart price $2.00. that is a HUGE savings.

Thanks for your responces and good luck with spendig your hard earned $'s... We just want a little respect RIGHT.


You can't successfully start a campaign against Target on this site. Please check out the Taco ****,Taco Bell posting listed as a Hot Topic.

You will find that once a complaint is made against Target, nothing posted on these sites under comments are anything but childish rants. Even though there are people who need to be warned about Target's practices, their efforts are thwarted by attacks under the comments section.

I agree with your request to start communication against Target in every venue possible, though. People that are boycotting the Target chain of stores are mounting and many of us used to spend large money there.

Now other retailers have the benefit of our money, which incredibly Target tries to criminalize any return brought back to their stores. Hopefully by other sites and verbal communications with people we deal with on a daily basis, our words will topple the Target giant. Right now they are ranked fifth largest in their market. If all continues like we wish, they will find themselves spoken of in the past tense.

Great posting.

Keep up the goo work and continue getting the word out. You will find that, in the end, we will win and Target loses all our hard earned money.


I enjoy how your boycotting target and stating that your moving to if thats any better...if you'll look and read, Wal-mart is a much shittier buisness than target


Congratulations Jmhyland. I'm only in my fourth month of Target boycotting myself, but I guarantee that in two more years I will not have shopped Target still.

People will tell you that Target will not miss your money, but Target was certainly worried about small change when it came return time.

Some will say that Target needs to be strict to keep people from scamming. Do they honestly believe that someone would go to this much trouble (service desk, phone call, letter) to scam Target out of $20.00?


Did I say when I hand carried my complaint letter into TARGET a man in front of me was returning LIGHT BULBS un-wrapped most likely USED. He got money back...


returning Light BULBS. OH he had a receipt.


PERSON who commented above... I DON"T CARE...

FYI - I have not spent 1 DIME not 1 cent in TARGET in over 26 months... I DON'T GO there I DON'T shop there... Was it worth it for them to lose over $3,000 dollars a year in business for a lousy $20.00. Oh by the way I only wanted to exchange it - I didn't even want money back.

GOOD 4 me 26 MONTHS NO TARGET. Do you work for Target.... You missed it completely. I may never shop there again.

I am a tried and true Wal-mart shopper... OH did exchanges there without receipts..!


While its sad that you've had so much to go through in your personal life. That is no reason to take it out on the Target staff.

They have no say in the policies implemented, but they must stick to them to keep their jobs.

Further, as mentioned by another poster, if you do not like the policy then share your anger with the people around you who abused the return system and created the policy.

Finally, the series "24" was on sale during the day after Thanksgiving sales for $14.98. I know because I bought them that year, so yes I believe they would sell them for so cheap. Yet, you admit in your own story you do not know how much they paid. You said they "probably" paid 35.00 to 45.00. However, they very well could have bought it for $14.98 like I did. It makes me wonder how this story would have ended if you had swallowed your pride and asked for the receipt only to see a $14.98 purchase price.

O'halloran Hill, South Australia, Australia #27907

me the one who wrote the article... I have not shopped at TARGET for 7 months....

I am so proud of myself for sticking to my principals...

and I can not tell you how much money I have saved and much less I have consumed in the last 7 months by not shopping there..... I am going for a year.

Milan, Michigan, United States #6174

This is such a sad situation and they should be allowed to let you make an exchange. Unfortunately, Target had to adopt these strict policies because of unscrupulous people that make a living buying or stealing items and returning them without receipts.

You would be surprised at the length these dishonest people go through and the stories they concoct to try and plead their cases and get unwarranted refunds. I worked in retail and I couldn't believe what customers would say, even when you caught them in their lies! Years ago when Target first opened in our neighborhood, they didn't have these policies and you could return things without receipts and get full purchase price. But after a few years and the crooks and thieves that took advantage of Target's liberal policies, they had to change them.

It's very sad that the criminal actions of a few had to ruin it for the rest of the honest population out there. But isn't that the way it always goes?

La Crescent, Minnesota, United States #3848

To the person who left the last comment you must work for Target. I have moved 10 prescriptions from their fabulous pharmacy - that transfeering cost them alot more than $20.00, to pay the staff for the transfer information.

I am happy to report I have not shopped at Target for over 7 weeks... I win....!!!

San Juan, Saint George, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines #3128

NO, Target's return policy has a 90-day limit, therefore you get the lowest selling price within the last 90 days, not within the year. What do you expect?

Without a receipt, there is no way to tell how much you paid for the item. Do you expect Target to be able to tell if you're lying about how much you paid, to be able to tell who's honest and who's not?

Because liars come in all shapes and sizes. Or are you suggesting they take your word for it and lose money hand over fist?

Carlsbad, California, United States #2299
Holy cow. You are really steamed, Jmhyland. You need to calm down before you have a stroke. Also, in trying to wade through all of your story (it should be a newspaper article!), something doesn't smell right. Your story was very confusing. I'm a Target shopper and have never had a problem with returning, or even getting discounts when it isn't advertised. They usually bend over backward to accommodate.

Story 1: During Christmas, Target had a lighted train set for sale (LED lights). By the time I procrastinated for a couple of days and went back to buy the thing, they didn't have any more in boxes, so I asked if I could buy the store display (which was still working perfectly), They did that, and I bought this cute, lighted train, which is probably 24" long at least, for - get this - 70% OFF!! And the clerk couldn't have been nicer. Of course they didn't have a box to put it in, but who cares!!

Story 2: I purchased a watch from Taget online. The watch arrived, no problem. After wearing it once or twice, the second-hand broke and was rattling around in the watch face. Luckily, I still had the box and packing slip. Following the directions on the packing slip, I went online to Target to print out a mailing label. While there, you have to fill out a little form explaining why you're returning this item - which I did. Evidently, someone at Target actually reads these online return explanations because I received an email acknowledging it. And, about three days later, guess what? There on my front porch when I got home from work, was a new watch from Target - and I hadn't yet sent back the broken one!! Wow - how's that for customer service?

Anyhoo, Jmhyland, not to make light of your problems, this must've been an aberration. Hang in there with Targe, they're really terrific. :zzz :zzz

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