I am the one who has a compliant listed on 1-14 the TARGET "NO" exchange. Just a little really funny follow up.

I took the same letter into Target and left it for the manager. The letter was dropped off at the same place you EXCHANGE. In front of me was a man returning an open blister pack of light blubs and he was getting MONEY back. Oh he had a receipt.

It just further confirmed the stupidness of Target. They won't take something unopened back - but they take back an open pack of light blubs because they had a receipt. How did they know the light blubs weren't used for 6 months and returned in a newer package. Good news I have not shopped at Target in almost 8 weeks AND I have moved all my prescriptions to another local pharmacy and I know it cost them more than $20.00 (differrence of the exchange I did not get) for their employees and pharmacist to make the calls.

I feel like a winner and that is all that matters.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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