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Listening to rude employees talking about someone using coupons they were complaining about this one gal and they knew I could hear them. The problem was that gal they were talking about was my daughter.

So unprofessional hurtful words with managers standing around. Shows you the mentality target hires.

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Ansonia, Connecticut, United States #1271173

This is a complaint site people come to vent not for other people to be rude and nasty to the people who are posting the complaints. Get a life instead of trolling!!

Westfield, Massachusetts, United States #899509

Extreme couponers suck! Don't be so cheap.


Teach your daughter to read the coupon properly and they won't be talking about her. All of this negative and hurtful talk would not have happened if you taught your daughter to be a respectful person. The fact that they ALL know about your daughters coupon habit shows the mentality of you and your daughter.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #967572

Are there additional facts somewhere that I'm not seeing? Where does it say that her daughter read the coupon wrong?

In my experience, it is often employees who read the coupon wrong. I'm by no means an extreme couponer, but many times an employee (at Target or at a grocery store or drug store) will tell me that the coupon doesn't apply to my item, can't be used with another, etc. even though per the fine print or store policy, I can!

I correct then, and 99% of the time end up being able to use the coupon (because I am right)! I doubt that the employees are happy with me, but they're the ones who were incorrect.

to Veronica #1119401

Well from my experience most times the person using coupons usually gives expired coupons and expects them to use the coupon, or selects the wrong size for the coupons. The employees don't read the coupons wrong.

You are not right if you cannot read.

Most coupons say you cannot use them if another coupon was already used, just because you are illiterate does not mean the employees are incorrect. Next time take mommy to the store like the other person suggested and have her read the terms of the coupon for you.

to Anonymous #1009517

Wow you are so rude!

to Anonymous #1009519

Wow you are a rude person. Where does it say in that comment anything you just said.

to Anonymous #1119402

Yeah like they are going to admit that the daughter tried to pass off an expired coupon or that she tried to get a larger size. Most likely they forgot to tell that part and telling someone they are wrong is not rude. Hopefully by having people talk about them a lesson is learned, but I doubt it.

to Anonymous Goshen, Indiana, United States #1270758

Wow!! You're pretty mature, aren't you??

No wonder this is the best job you could get.

REALLY?? Are you also in third grade?!

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