Today in Miami, FL was raining more than usual, when I was ready to leave the store it was rainig so hard people started to wait by both exit and entrance, and after waiting for over 20 mins I went inside for a large shopping bag to cover myself and I asked one of the associates; may I have one of this bags? (I did not think they'd say anything and was about to take one) and she put her hand on top of them to prevent me from taking it and said no, they are too expensive!

I said what? she goes on and said you can take a small one I said that's not gonna help and there are a lot of people at the door we are on the way and I told her I pay for it and grabbed one, and I asked her name and she Sandy S A N D Y.

Some people have to learn not to treat others like they are or were treated but how they would like to be treated! I am not use to service li this and she should't be there

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