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3 comments guest services did not know what they were doing. Target store in Gainesville, FL was not helpful and had no clue what they were doing.

I accidentally ordered the wrong diaper size and went to the store to exchange the diapers. Corina, the Target store customer service rep said they would not be able to exchange the item since it was a item. They tried to return the two boxes of diapers minus the Target gift card amount since it was purchased during a promotion. I advised Corina that I brought the promotional gift card with me and wanted to return everything since I was not able to exchange the diapers for the correct size.

They said they would not be able to return the promotional gift card. I corrected them because the promotional gift card I received came with a specific letter which stated that I needed to return the gift card for the full value return of the items or I could keep the gift card and receive a discounted value for the return value. I advised Corina that I was following exactly what the letter said and they were not fulfilling the instructions of the letter. She said they had no idea and no possible way to return the gift card.

Corina said the letter stated that I needed to “go to http://www/ and follow the link to the online return center to print a store receipt for this gift card, as well as the item.” I advised her the link is only a FAQ link and has nothing to full out nor print out. I came to the store prepared with my order forms, my promotional gift card, the letter accompanying the Target promotional gift card, and all the items. Amy, another Target store customer service rep called the Target 800 number and requested assistance from the associate side. What a waste of time!

Taylor, the Target 800 number associate rep told the store staff that he forced closed gift card so that they Target store staff could adjust the price to the full return value, but now I had to wait another two weeks for the new gift card to be mailed to me since I made the original purchase on a Target gift card which I received for my birthday. I told them, this is worse than what the store staff had propositioned. I was so aggravated at this point since I was there with my infant son who was fussing since I was there over an hour! I told them I will not wait another two weeks for a new gift card, which I had already had in my possession to be replaced!

I told Amy, the store staff to advise Taylor, the Target 800 number associate rep to email me the gift card. He emailed me the gift card, and then Amy, the store staff transferred the balance to a Target gift card which I received for my birthday which I had in my possession. Neither the Target store staff, nor Target 800 number associate rep could fulfill my request. I then proceeded to call the Target customer service number to file a formal complaint of my horrific experience.

I advised the first rep that I only wanted to speak with a supervisor, but he insisted he could help. I told him about my experience and he said "sorry, I will take a note and send it to the team as feedback." I advised him that was not sufficient and that I wanted to speak with a supervisor to file a formal complaint...again, another Target employee wasting my time! He then transferred me to a supervisor, Sandra and I had to explain my situation again! She said sorry and said she has filed a formal complaint on the store, Corina and Amy, on the Target 800 associate rep, Taylor, on the Target promotional letter instructions which sent me to a link and said “Returns are fast and easy!”, the Target customer rep who said he would help but only offered to submit my comments as “feedback” when I told him I wanted to file a formal complaint!

She gave me a case number (#11172406) and then asked how she could remedy the situation. I advised her since this fiasco was a mistake on ordering the wrong size diapers, could she assist with fulfilling my correct order and still issue the promotional gift card which was offered during the original order. She said she was not part of the office but that she would transfer the call to a supervisor in the office to see if they could assist. I was transferred and the new rep was not advised of my situation and thus I had to go over and explain the whole fiasco AGAIN!

Sandra did not tell the other staff whom she was transferring me to about my request, nor my complaint. I kept asking the current rep if she was in the supervisor level and she said yes, but she did not have any idea what she was doing and was not helpful. She did not appear to be a supervisor. She kept telling me to repeat myself; she wasn’t following me when I was explaining my complaint and situation and request, almost as if she was doing something else.

I asked her to assist me with purchasing the correct diaper size and grant me the promotional gift card of $30 for the purchase of two Pampers Baby Dry Economy Plus diapers in size 4. She was just reviewing the promotions that were offered currently at the store. I advised her the $30 Target gift promotion was in early February, when I purchased the items from Again, she has no idea of what she was doing, nor trying to fulfill my request.

As I was driving, I had lost signal in my cellphone and the call was dropped. I have not received any follow up on my horrific experience. This was the first time I have ever purchased from This will definitely be my last!!!

And quite possibly the last time I EVER shop at Target.

I am saving this review to post on all available social media because people should be aware of how ridiculous this experience was.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Unsympathetic.

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It sounds like you don't know what you are doing, you are the one that made the mistake, and then you throw a temper tantrum when they cannot help you. Also why were you on your cellphone while driving anyway, that is dangerous and illegal. I reported this review to the police where you admitted to using your cell phone while driving.

to Anonymous #1117266

Ha, whether you reported her to the police for real or not she has anger issues. I am glad they took her son from her.

If they had not she would have killed him and been crying her whole life. From her reply she obviously needs to get things straightened out.

Not to mention what kind of parent does not know the size of diapers to get for her child. Not a loving one, that is for sure.


You know it is hard being a single parent. I don't even know who the father of my son.

But I was so angry that they did not budge that I shoved my infant's stroller against a wall after this incident. I was frustrated and I had to call my friend and have her watch my son because I was afraid I would seriously harm my infant son because of Target. My own friend (or someone I thought was my friend turned on me and reported her concerns to CPS) These concerns were between the two of us and she had no right reporting me to CPS. They took my son from me and I cried the whole night.

Not to mention when I pushed my infant son's stroller against the wall someone(I thanked them, refused to allow me to leave until I calmed down or who knows what I would have done. Now I lost a friend, anyone who calls cps on a friend is not a friend at all, and my son is in a foster home. I blame Amy and Cornia for this. I will let the media know my friend's full name and how she turned her back on me.

I will also be telling them how they made me risk my life. Like I said I was driving and the single from my cell phone dropped, this is a good thing in a way because about two minutes later a police car was on the road.

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