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I will not go shopping in target anymore even my family. What the heck !

There employees keeps on following us Everytime we go on east town Boulevard in Mesquite. I don't know it just me I just felt weird coz it happened all the time. We are not stealing *** from the store. Infact we have a target credit card .

I just feel awkward all the time that there is not only one person following wherever we go to inside the store. And I'm telling this we are not going to shop in target anymore .

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Houston, Texas, United States #933373

I know the feeling but at least you didn't have a female gorilla destroying your face

to cynthiarosas Orange, California, United States #933447

Yeah you are talking about being picked up for shoplifting and then putting make up all over your face and claiming they are bruises. Everyone click on this person's profile and you will see what kind of liar she is.

Apparently she was picked up for shoplifting went home, applied make up all over her face trying to make it look like she was bumped and bruised and claimed the security did that to her.

Even a six year old can tell those "bruises" are fake. The amount of make up makes her look like a hooker.


What does your husband being a veteran have to so with anything, I mean I do respect what they do for our country, but come on even veterans steal, and they had no idea he is a veteran, seems to me like you think they should kiss his *** because of this. Why mention this at all unless you think this should entitle you, and that you are better than everyone else because of your husband?

to Anonymous #854540

I am responsible for what I day

I am not responsible for what you understand

to Anonymous #854578

In their defense, how can anyone understand you with your terrible spelling and grammar. Don't blame them for not understanding your terrible grammar, and they have a point, your husband being a vet has nothing to do with this complaint, perhaps your reading is as terrible as your spelling and grammar?

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #933377

That's why there's lawyers to do the work for you dumb s**t


You should have confronted them and said 'well, as long as you are following me, can you hold onto these items for me'....

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #854216

Or said "take a picture, it will last longer."


Ah yes here come the spelling and grammar old and borrrrring. However, Target are very likely not following you, don't be paranoid.


I'm sure they won't miss you or your family. My thought is you should worry more about the fact that some of your spelling and grammar are awful, instead of the possibility that one of their employee was allegedly following you. Also there isn't any such word as "coz."

to anonymous Mesquite, Texas, United States #853792

Why'd you care to much about my grammar and spelling?. First I'm not an American.

Even American people doesn't know the right spelling and still has a grammar issue you *** !!. The important is I expressed of what issue that I have in *** Target store . Oh don't forget I'm not paranoid. I know what I noticed inside the store and I know what is paranoid.

So don't make me ***. How would you feel if you were in my shoes?.

to Anonymous #853840

Just ignore that person. They didn't even use proper grammar, so they have no credibility. It is just a troll, looking for attention they did not get from their parents.

to Anonymous #854288

Thank you. I called the manager already to let her know my concerned.

As usual she couldn't do anything about it , just to apologize. Excuse my wrong grammar and spelling i was so pissed during the time I was typing it. Btw we are going to cancel our target credit card soon and not to shop in that store anymore. FYI my husband is a veterans who served in this country and very disappointed on how that store treated us.

If I would really want to get them in trouble to ruin that store reputation I could do it. But it's a waste of time I have better things to do.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #933382

So you should ask my attorney if you such an expert

to anonymous #853839

"are awful"? LMFAO!

And you are critiquing someone else's spelling and grammar. Twit, go back to school and pick up a reality check while you are at it!

to Anonymous #853979

Let's just stick to this, the OP has terrible, horrible, no good, very bad spelling and grammar, but the one making the comment just has bad grammar.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #933385

Good one

to anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #933375

If you have seen this store it was filthy and the worker awful may be where you live is different mr spelling bee, well sounds like nerd talkin

to anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #933380

Yeah your right they should worry about a law sue

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