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I visited the Target at Memorial Mall, Houston, Texas and my daughter and I headed to the fitting room, she had 7 items and I believe their "policy" is 6.

When the employee counted and told my daughter that she will have to leave one of the garments outside, I asked her to give a number so I can go with her and the extra garment.

The employee REFUSED in a very arrogant way and

I felt I was treated as a criminal.

Every other store I went to the mall and I tried something I was made felt welcome and appreciated as a customer.

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ALL companies have policies and ALL companies have theft problems. TARGET is the only company that treats its customers like criminals. I whole heartedly agree with the poster of this message!


omg customers like you are a joke. You don't realize that many people steal, specially from target stores.

You are no more "special" than any other suspect. "Criminal"??

Hahaha get off your high horse. Something is company policy it's COMPANY POLICY.


WOW - Nototarget - Comment after comment from supposed employees state that they are just following company policy. Why is it that Target is the only company that assumes the worst about their customers and treats each one of them like they are under indictment for a crime?

I am sure that every store in business has problems with shop lifters, but no other retailer treats its customers like Target does. They defend their actions as "policy". If their policy is to treat you like a criminal, what is the incentive to shop there? Don't step into another Target store.

They will have to revamp their customer service "policies" when their sales plummet.

Please pass your message on to all your friends and family. The message is spreading .....


I work at Target and let me tell you that they ARE serious about enforcing each and every policy. To become angry with a team member for watching you is, also, ridiculous.

Thieves comes in all shapes and sizes. Just because you're a woman does not make you any less likely to steal. How are they supposed to know either way?

They're just doing their jobs. As I previously mentioned, Target takes their policies seriously and are very strict with Team Members about following and enforcing them.


I realize you are frustrated by thier policy, however that is the policy the employee is obligated to enforce.

It is unreasonable for you to demand an exception. The employee could be reprimanded or fired for violating policy.

I am sure the employee would be happy to hold the additional item at the desk for you.

It bothers me when people say they are treated like a criminal. The fact remains that criminals don't wear signs, anybody could be looking to lift merchandise, therefore policies are enforced unilaterally.

In order to offer lower prices companies need to minimize shrinkage and in order to do that, strict policies must be put in place for EVERYBODY to abide by to prevent merchandise from disappearing.


I work at Target in the fitting room.

I am supposed to take your items, count them, walk you back. 6 items per fitting room, no plastic bags, no other merchandise.

Technically, we are not supposed to let people take in carts either, but I let people do so if they have a child inside so long as they empty the cart so no other merchandise is inside.

It is unfortunate that people do steal. It's even more unfortunate that criminals do not plainly identify themselves as such. If they did, we wouldn't have to have this policy. Since you can't tell who's a criminal and who's not, we have to take these basic asset protection steps that apply to everyone.

Have I caught people red-handed using this policy? You bet.

Anyone who does not like the policy is perfectly welcome to get a hotline number from Guest Services, located at the front of each store.

Don't take it out on me. I am just doing what they tell me to do, and if I don't, I could get fired.


Warning: Creepy Target Employee on the Prowl

In a Midlothian Target, I caught a white, male employee staring at my partner and me as we looked in the book section. Weird guy--I'd guess in his forties. He was standing in the aisle across from us, which I believe contained medicine, dental hygiene, etc. 

When I made eye contact with the male employee, he continued to stare at me. Mind you, he did not smile or ask us if we needed any help. He just stared, and it made us both feel uncomfortable.

Now, my partner did have a sling on, but her injury is such that she can still exercise to a certain extent. And, having just worked out before heading to Target, we were both wearing athletic attire and walking through the store quickly. (I, personally, don't want to spend all day in Target and like to get in and out as fast as possible.) 

Let's Aim for Common Sense

So, with the above description considered, perhaps this weirdo employee thought we were trying to steal something. But really, buddy? Neither my partner nor I had picked up a single item in the store. Did you even bother to notice that, sweetheart? And to assume that two young women, walking quickly, one with a sling on, must be trying to steal--it's just absurd. 

Thoughts: Answering the 'Why' 

I suppose there's a reason this forty-something year old is working as a salesperson/security extraordinaire at Target: some bad choices in life mixed with a hefty dose of stupidity. Notice how I work in the benefit of the doubt here.

It's Not Just Me, Which Makes It Worse

I know of other people who have gone through similar situations during which Target employees make outrageous assumptions about customers. One woman was even followed to her parked car because two employees had mistaken her for someone who actually had stolen something. (This occurred at the VA Beach Target on Laskins.) What could Target managers be telling their employees? Make sure to make customers feel like they've done something wrong? Use the "sales" tactics of following and gawking at customers? 

Conclusion: Shop Elsewhere

To recap, my partner and I went into a Midlothian, Virginia area Target ISO a book. We were followed around by a male employee, who then took it upon himself to stand in an aisle across from us and stare. His actions were inappropriate, and I should have confronted him about it--I regret not doing so. No one should be stared at by one of these employees in the manner than I was. It was rude and completely unnecessary.



i was in the target in prescott az today and i went to the fitting room and the girl told me that i could only take 6 items in and than she *** walked me to my fitting what bull like im going to steal something walking from her desk to the dressing room of my choice and when i said something she told me it was policy and if security walked by and saw here not doing it than she would get a verbal warning and than written up each time she was caught after that until she was fired but wtf why doesnt target just say when i walk in "welcome to target your a theif!"


Quote = “not the pol”

“I work for Target. For some reason, I became aware that they had me pegged as a thief or shoplifter due to the many instances where I noticed I was being shoulder-surfed or that there was always someone watching me from behind always in line of sight where they could see me working-- almost all jobs at target involve handling their product to be sold to the masses”.

I had a similar experience while a new Target employee…

Quote = “not the pol”

“I am at a loss as to why they felt it necessary to watch me so and believe it was either a huge misunderstanding, or a bad policy they had to put in place because most shoplifting occurs by hired employees, etc.”

I think it is natural for the AP (Assets Protection) folks to look on everyone in the store with suspicion. For the honest folks doing their job they will soon be trusted as ‘safe’ TMs. I clearly remember being ‘tested’ by TPS (Target protective Services) aka AP TMs, the first few shifts I worked. After several weeks my relationship with TPS was both healthy and helpful to the store. In fact I routinely get “Great Team” Cards (*) from TPS (and I give TPS and other TMs cards when they help me do my job in the store).

(*)These cards are exchanged at will by TMs and ETLs recognizing the good work of other TMs and ETLs. Cards are displayed for TMs to see and read in the break room or clerical. Once per month they are collected, counted, and records sent to the district office. The actual cards are stapled to TM’s pay checks. It’s a nice ‘warm fuzzy’ to give and get these! The actual practice may vary slightly by store, and some districts give awards to the TM with the highest card count in a month. Many stores randomly pick a few Great Team cards in a drawing for prizes. Yes, this is very corny, but much better than being ignored by “the Management” for doing something noble and beyond your normal job duties. And, if you don’t get any cards from others you might not be a good fit for a Target TM role (so keep your resume up to date…)


I work for Target. For some reason, I became aware that they had me pegged as a thief or shoplifter due to the many instances where I noticed I was being shoulder-surfed or that there was always someone watching me from behind always in line of sight where they could see me working-- almost all jobs at target involve handling their product to be sold to the masses.

I am at a loss as to why they felt it necessary to watch me so and believe it was either a huge misunderstanding, or a bad policy they had to put in place because most shoplifting occurs by hired employees, etc.

However, I am very aware of my surroundings and they knew that I had caught on to this little game that was being played. In all fairness, I am a new employee... but what did I do to warrant such pesky and time-consuming analysis from so many different people feeling they have to spy on me to catch me stealing something?

Robbery is not a temptation of mine. To make this even worse and smack of a snow job, they have hundreds of cameras everywhere; certainly they could go back to any footage deemed important for handling this kind of situation and resolve any supposed "discrepancies."

But, the bottom line is that they stopped stalking me at work for supposed theft. Come on now, with all those cameras, I should never have had to experience this.

I let it go, but thought it would be good to give a heads up to any future teenagers or working adults who have thought about making a career at this retailer.

New Durham, New Hampshire, United States #18617

:grin You felt like you were treated like a criminal?! Wow, and then you come on here to post your little rant about such an insignificant event.

Its their job, get over it and have your daughter follow company policy next time.

A criminal... ha!

Lemont Furnace, Pennsylvania, United States #16492

I agree 100% with the above comment: the policy IS six, and employees are actually discouraged from doing what you wanted that one employee to do, regardless of the situation (some managers really raise a fit over it). I'm sorry if YOU felt inconvenienced, but the EMPLOYEE was just doing his or her job.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #16177

If you felt like you were treated like a criminal then you must have a low self esteem. You are not trying on the clothes, your daughter is so grow up so you can teach your daughter to follow policies.

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