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In Lexington, Sc 29073 the store on sunset blvd, the electronics crew seems to be persistent on not really helping customers. The gentleman I believe his name was Tomas told me that he would help me out then disappeared to the back for about fifteen minutes.

Also most of the time they stand there talking to one another and it takes me a good five to ten minutes every time I go shopping there to get some help when all they are doing is standing around. Also a gentleman named Alan who works there is also very rude anytime I have questions about where items are in the store.

I'm new to the area, and my old target was very friendly and helpful. This target in Lexington should be ashamed of themselves for such poor customer service.

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Thanks for the review...I won't shop there. I'll *** in there, but definitely won't shop in that store.

NOpe. Not gonna.


For the Family Guy fans out there....Read this complaint in Bruce's voice!

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