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I called over 10 times today and the phone kept on getting dropped. The few times someone finally answered, they were of no help.

The supervisor said to call back tomorrow hoping the issue will "resolve itself" by then. It doesn't matter that my $200 went missing through e-gift card glitch and my card was forced close. Since it still shows up on her end but I have no access to it for my Black Friday shopping.

All I want is for them to fix the issue but apparently they can't do it today. For all these stresses, I probably won't shop at target again in the future.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hudson, Florida, United States #908826

KevinRichards posts on every negative comment about target!

Can you say, Target employee!!!!

This is exactly why people are COMPLAINING about TARGETS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! The employees are RUDE and Inconsiderate!! They don't care about the customer, even though the people that shop there are the only reason they have a job!!!!

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #908901

You must be six years old to ASSume that I work for Target because I say negative things to the people posting on this site. Have mommy or daddy click on my name and you will see that I bash people for various companies, does this mean that I work for those companies, nope.

Your ASSuming that I work for Target and am saying negative things to the retards that post here is like me saying that you are bashing Target because you got fired for sexual harassment and are posting negative comments to make them look bad, so before you go around making ASSumptions go ask mommy to read the posts and replies before you make a very bad ASSumption and your parents get sued. This would mean they will not have money to treat you to Mcdonalds or the movies ect because they are too busy paying off the person their little boy libeled .

Orange, California, United States #907517

Has it occurred to you that this is the biggest shopping day and that they were busy? No because that would require you using your head.

to KevinRichards Wharton, New Jersey, United States #907585

Thanks for your opinion KevinRichards. Yes, I may have lost my head a little since it was frustrating to be a consumer who didn't choose to have this problem on the biggest shopping day.

Their services had let me down and I was upset. Did I overreact? I might have, but you don't know the whole story. I wish that someone especially in the field of customer service were to care and treat their customer as if they were in his/her shoes.

But may be I ask too much for high standards on consistency. Since they were too busy to care about one customer's problem.

to Kanyawee Orange, California, United States #907736

You seem self centered, like I said there are other customers as well to deal with. You are not as special as you think they are that you should get individual attention and everyone else should be ignored. You must be ten years old.

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