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I go to Target about once or twice a month. Usually for frozen microwave meals that are available at whole foods but cheaper at target.

Anyway each and everytime one of the meals dont get accounted to ebt which I use for these. I have to ask a manager to help resolve yhe problem. Half the time one manager is kind enough to fix the issue and change the items status to be accepted by ebt. The other half the time with different managers they say its a problem with ebt, not the stores system and give me no solution at all.

How can that be that one manager happily fixes the problem in front of my face and another says it cant be done? Its absolutely infuriating.. not to mention the attitude i get from some of these managers when i tell them, its been done before. Same food i could buy at publix, whole foods and sometimes Walmart with no problems always have issues when I buy them at target and the solution is always variable to whomever is the manager that day.

This company really need to start fixing and updating their computer systems and training their staff better. I used to like target, now i refuse to do any business with them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Working in retail myself, I've come to find that sometimes every manager has their own set of rules and expects the other managers to abide by their rules. That's infuriating.

to Anonymous Newport News, Virginia, United States #1052920

Unfortunately sometimes it's also that some managers will cheat (cheat as in bending policies or using workarounds in the POS system that may not be policy) a little here and there to make something work but the next manager may not be willing to do so. (2 years experience in retail)


You already get the food for free, you have a lot of nerve making this complaint because you don't get for free what you are entitled to get for free. Getting a job can fix your entitlement issues.

The company needs to fix the system, but why not get a job. What infuriates me is people who are on EBT who complain about what they don't get on EBT because of their entitlement issues.

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