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Ordered a gaming dvd from targets. When it was to ship on the 6th of oct.

I was given the wrong tracking number. I called targets to get the tight number and do you know what happen. I was told that thay did not have the tracking number.

That it would be at my house from 8 to the 14th of oct. That means I have to be at my house all day until it get hear.

this is how targets on line does to there consumer.

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I ordered an item more than 2 weeks ago but haven't heard from it since and I can't get ahold of anyone who can help me.

Orlando, Florida, United States #883125

Unless Target has the package designated 'signature required' there is no need for you to be at your house for delivery. UPS/FedEx will simply leave a package as long as there is no signature required.

(Also I'd suggest ordering a DVD on spelling and grammar.)

First Born Triplet
to MattD78 #883179

If this person were calling another person stup1d I can see why you would make that comment, same if they said someones English is poor, however they are not doing that and not everyone speaks English as a first language.

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