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Target scanned my wife's license for a pack of 5 BIC lighters when they only wanted to 'see' the license. I work in the Cyber Security / Information Assurance field and know that Target are not immune from malicious hackers, me not being one of them.

Target scanning Personal Identifiable Information (PII)is totally unnecessary; from my research, only 'novelty' lighters are age restricted. My complaint to Target has now managed to get past 'Guest Relations' and has been escalated to Targets Executive Offices.

My request is simple - if it is not a legal requirement to scan for this item then I want my PII information removed from Targets database and proof thereof. If anyone can assist me in this endeavour I would greatly appreciate the assistance.

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Herbster, Wisconsin, United States #725897

Don't make sence why targets got to take your license and walmart or the dollar stores don't or even the groceries stores don't or sears or kohls or nobody else?

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States #725774

Target and the practices they employ are DISGRACEFUL!!!!!


every company is storing information about everything you buy every day the DRIVERS license scan SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW and is in some state. Hawaii for one banned this INVASION OF our personal information.


Why do they need to scan you id? Is Target hiring illiterate cashier's like Walmart?

And why do you need to show id to purchase lighters? Since that obamanation has been in office our civil liberties are being taken away.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #648073

Ilthe only reason you're id is scanned is to prove that it is real. Stop neing dramatic.

to Anonymous #648149

Is this a guess on your part or can you divulge why you believe this to be true? Facts are generally a good thing to go by and not speculation.


When your DL is scanned, the only information that is lifted off of it is the DOB and it is not stored. It satisfies the prompt asking for the DOB and that's it.

Target has this policy to ensure that everyone is required to provide photo ID when purchasing age restrictive items. They aren't lifting and storing personal information, so stop being so dramatic and paranoid.

I've had my ID scanned at several stores, never once did I have an issue with it. Grow up.

to Simon Reston, Virginia, United States #645433

Really is a shame that you are oblivious and uninformed.

I quote from Target Guest Relations: "When scanning an ID for this purpose, the systems only capture the same data that would be captured in a manual check: first name, middle initial, last name; ID type, ID number, ID state of issue; address, country; date of birth." So much for your theory of just DoB. Please do your homework before posting next time.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #644183

That's exactly what everyone who has posted to about Target scanning their driver's license is in agreement about. I couldn't get past Guest Services, but they keep giving the same excuse.

They say that they don't store the information. The people who work there as cashiers say that the information is not stored. I still haven't figured out how they know what Target corporate is doing with scanned information. Nevertheless, Target should be made to change their software program if the sole purpose is to verify a person's age.

That's why the cashiers go to school - to add and subtract.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #644156

You shouldn't need help from anybody, as long as you are such a "professional" when it comes to security and information assurance. You should know everything you need to know to solve this problem, if you are right.

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