I shopped with my grandchildren on a Sunday afternoon. My husband bought my grandson's clothes and wrote a check for $60, they then went home to watch football on the TV.

I continued shopping with my grandaughters, I then went to a check out and wrote a check for $254, it was denied. I wrote another check on another account for $254, it was denied. Why, because the first check had not a chance to clear. Angry, you bet, I have never bounced a check anywhere, and never to Target.

Oh yes, but they did take my credit card.

Unbelievable, you cannot shop twice in one day at Target, they only want your business once. They are off my list, I guess I will shop Kohls and Walmart.

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Target and many retail stores do this for YOUR protection.

It's all too easy for someone to write a check and scribble a signature and hand it to the cashier. By limiting the number of times a checking account can be used per store per day, they are saving your a**.

Appreciate the measures stores take to protect YOU, the customer, rather than complaining. If your checkbook had been stolen and used there you would have complained that Target's security measures were too lenient.


this isn't because they only want your business 'once' ~ it's for your protection. using multiple checks in one day sets off the alarm of fraud, as others have posted.

you might be better off with a debit card (or even the target debit card; you save 5% every time you use it, and can only be used at target stores.. so you can track your spending a little easier.)


Don't be so quick to try to use a check at WalMart. They use Telecheck and I see many, many complaints about how people's checks are denied at the register.

And, yes you should either pay cash or use a credit card. Never a check. Many businesses now take your check and immediately your account is debited.

Not a good idea. At least if you pay by credit card and something goes awry, you can dispute it.


Bounced checks are a big expense passed on to the consumer. As a safeguard, their system flags multiple checks within a 24 hour period - common business practice.

Whether you've bounced or not, using a check multiple times puts you in the suspect category. Why not get debit card?


You should never use checks. They are very risky in today's banking world. Use the credit card at all times -- or cash.

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