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I decided to register at Target for my wedding because I thought they had a good selection of products, and they were conveniently located for many of my guests.

Of course I received multiples even though I had only registered for one of any given item. Most people didn't include gift receipts either. You would think, maybe, that a regular return policy wouldn't apply to a wedding registry because it's common knowledge that you're likely to receive multiples and/or gifts without a gift receipt.

Even though my registering at Target brought them *plenty* of business, I'm still stuck with gifts I don't need multiples of. Why? You're only allowed 2 no-receipt returns per 12 month period, and on top of that, if the value of the item is over $20, then you cannot return the item (or I suppose you could, but forfeit the difference).

The manager had the gall to tell me to either bring my husband to the store to return the items that were under $20 in value, or ask a friend to return it for me. They also suggested I contact the gift giver and request the gift receipt. No! I am a stressed pre- and now post-bride, and I don't have time.

Instead, I called my friends that are getting married in the near future, told them the story, and they promptly canceled their Target wedding registries.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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You are so right! Target Registry is a nighmare for returns.

I registered for a baby registry and the crib came damaged and they are so unhelpful and have such poor customer service procedures!!! They refused to look up the order number for me, even though I had all the registry info, and they won't accept a return at the store to speed up the process. I have to go take it to the UPS store, and they have to receive it, and they refuse to just send another crib. Instead, they insist of sending a gift card or credit, but will not just automatically send another crib.

What???!!! Now, the baby will be here before the crib!


Same thing happened to me. My bridal shower is tomorrow and my mom called me yesterday to tell me that she took a look at my registry online and I was going to receive double even TRIPLE some of the items on my list when I only asked for one of those items.

Target online and the registry that you print out at target say two different things. Very frustrating. I've been very cool through this whole engagement until I saw this happening.

Don't get me wrong, I love Target! But after my shower I will delete everything and start all over at Bed,Bath and Beyond.


Actualy its up to the guests to make sure that the gift receipt is with the gift. Its not Target's responsibility.

I've gotten shower gifts for friends there, and they do have rocking stuff for your home, but my only nitpicky thing about the list, it that it doesn't get updated that much. That's why you wind up with 2 or 3 of several items.

And don't *** Wally World either! lol


Target still has the same return policy...They have not changed it, as of today 9-15-08. I only wish I had done some research before registering at Target.

This has to be the worst store on the planet.

Register at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can return anything on your registry without a receipt.

Coleshill, England, United Kingdom #26182

I used to deal with this all the time and from the suggestion you were given (to have family members or friends return it for you) it sounds like they tried to do a no receipt return with your ID for two items a year with your ID but you had already used them up. There is no way around this in the computer system.

The old target CEO did change the policy to eliminate registry returns, but a new CEO was also recently hired and changed it back to the old policy. So, now it's not a problem!

Winsford, England, United Kingdom #25750

I just think it is funny that you and your friends all registered for your weddings at a mass merchandise retailer. Maybe you should try wal mart next time.

Rehovot, Hamerkaz, Israel #25136

My wife and I also had the same problem. The sad part is over one year ago they had a reasonable policy but now it is complete ***.

Because people assume if it is still on your registry you have not received it, but u might have.

Mymensingh, Dhaka, Bangladesh #25103

Sounds like it's been awhile. Target registries now tracks the purchase receipts. If this just happened you should call them.

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