I bought a grill 3 years ago, branded Amana from Target. It was warranted fro 2 years.

This year it stared top rust inside so badly that it literally started to fall apart. My previous grill was a char broil fromwalmart and lasted for 7 years. I take good care of my grills, covered every night cleaned properly according to mfg. directions, but Target said too bad the warranty expired.

This thing should not have deteriorated that quickly, but they did not care it was past their 90 day warranty and the mfg. said that I should try the retailer.

So the bottom line is Target sells junk and does not back it up, they got your money and that is all they care about. I'm going back to WalMart!!!

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It wont rust if it dont get wet u *** moronic fool, keep ur next bbq out of the rain u silly tit


Really dude? Do you expect ANY company to take back a heavily USED product after 3 years of use.

You obviously knew about Target's return policy and the manufacturers warranty and NEITHER of them extended to 3 years length. Get real


You want Target to warranty your grill for 3 *** years? Get real!!!

Go ask Wal-Mart if they take grills back after 3 years. When they tell you to shove it too, you best give up shopping altogether.

Seriously 3 god *** *** years? Wow...

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