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My Stepfather was fired from his job for a Bogus reason. He is one of those employees that employers look to have.

I can reference his devotion, hard work, dependable and a pleasurable person to represent your company. He is like a needle in the haystack and in my feeling that he is irreplaceable. He was with Target for 18 years and at the top of his pay scale before he was fired for some discrepancy of a note in his work mail. He did not think that it referenced him as he does everything according to as he is told.

After last years debacle with the Zu Zu Pets which even though they had fired him then he was a victim of that situation, he was not going to take the chance of losing his job again. They never apologized but did get his job back. He has to work two jobs just to make ends meet, but always gave Target 110% or more even after the way he was treated last year. Besides the piece of paper he received and fluffed it off as nothing as he didn't think it pertained to him as he has always done in the past without a problem.

They are claiming that there were some female boxes back in the shipping area that needed to be taken care of. My step-father indicated that if he got a chance that he would look into it but as time went on he had forgotten to mention it to a specific individual at Target that he couldn't get to it. Even though it was not his responsibility to take care of those boxes. During this time of the year they do not allow over time to make sure things are in check.

My mother, is his wife and she is a diabetic and is devastated as she does not know what to do now. No insurance, how is she going to be able to get her necessary medications. I feel that this is Target's way of finding anything small to retaliate for the national debacle of the Zu Zu Pet issue last year. I think that Target need to revamp their firing policy and promote and recognize the employees that keep their business operating to the capacity that it is.

He worked at the Target in Cheektowaga, New York.

What a dedicated employee as he drove from Machias, NY everyday to work at a place that doesn't appreciate him, I WILL NEVER SHOP AT TARGET AGAIN IF THEY DO NOT REINSTATE MY STEP-FATHER as a TARGET EMPLOYEE. I ask that you join in helping me to get the word out and let his voice to be heard through us.

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My opinion is that it has more to do with the fact that he didn't take care of the boxes that he was told needed to be taken care of. Back when I was about 20 years old I worked in low end department store.

One morning as soon as we were open, I was working the checkout counter as I had been told. The manager came and told me to decide what sizes of paper bags I needed at the check out and go to the basement to get them and on the way tell Betty in the toy department to keep an eye on the register. So I went back to toys and asked her if she wanted to get the bags or keep an eye on the check out counter anyway she chose to go and get the bags because the assistant manager whom she had the hots for was working down there. As it turned out the little twit had told the manager that I ordered her to go and get the bags.

He came up to the checkout counter and chewed me out in front of a couple customers. After that there were a couple more incidents where I got blamed for things that I didn't have anything to do with, and I then was laid off "due to slow business." Only I wasn't the newest employee, the little twit was.

Anyway there is probably a lot more to this story than what you know. However, I am sure Target won't miss your business.


I would like to sympathize, but the problem is I don't have a clear understanding of what happened! I have no idea what the Zu Zu Pet debacle is or what is has to do with your stepfather.

I also don't understand what "female boxes" are, or even the precise reason he was fired. You need to be more clear.

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