I bought an ipod from Target with a 3 year service plan. I began getting a white screen on the ipod so I sent it in for repair.

They have refused to repair it or replace it stating impact damage. The ipod has never been dropped or even carried around it has sat on a player dock only. I believe Target simply refuses to honor their service plans, period.

When I asked to get my money back on the service plan they stated I will still be charged the 1 1/2 years! So now I have a $399 ipod that doesn't work and a 45 dollar service plan that is a complete rip off.

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Your 3-year plan began from day 1 and covered only electrical and electronic failure. IF you look at the brochure you were given, there is NO mention of any damage, physical or liquid, coverage.

Yup, waste of money. 3rd party, NEW Customer Service, is anything but.

Contact the BBB and your state's dept of consumer affairs.

If there truly is no damage, not covering it is fraud. You'll get action.


Target does not make the decision about it being fixed or not. They hire a third party and pay a set amount for a year of service.

That company decided not to fix it to save on money and increase profits.

Although, Target did hire them. If you are going to be mad, be mad for the right reasons.


why would you spend 400 bucks on an iPod? oh wait, everything Apple makes is overpriced and not worth the money.


I believe you want the ipod you broke fixed for free. No dice.

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