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I received the Jaybird JB-200 Bluetooth Headphones as a gift for my birthday in September of 2009 from my best friend in Boston. She knows how often I go to the gym (6 to 7 days a week) and overheard me talking about how much I liked the Bluetooth headphones I had seen at Target. As a surprise, they were mailed to me here in South Florida as a belated birthday present. Since I had only seen them a few days prior, I know that the cost was about $130. Included in that package was a three-year extended service plan from Target.

I was excited to use them and couldn't wait to get to the gym. I charged the battery as instructed and when completely charged I hurried off the gym. I had to adjust the headphones until they fit in my ear, but after a few moments they seemed to fit. I noticed that I had to adjust them about 10 seconds later, then another 10 seconds and then another 10 seconds; this last through the entire length of my hour and a half long workout. Stubborn as I am, I figured I must be doing something wrong, I reread the instructions and tried them again the next day at the gym; but I kept experiencing the same ill fitting problem.

Since then, I have tried to use them half a dozen times, but have been unsuccessful. These headphones have done nothing but sit and collect dust since then. Yesterday, I decided that since they still have the extended service plan for over another 2 years, I was going to see what could be done at Target.

I walked into the Fort Lauderdale store with my extended service plan and headphones in the original package. I told the woman at the guest services counter my issue. I was then told that I had to call an 800 number, submit a claim, mail the product back to Target and wait for it to be repaired or by chance given a new one. I know for a fact that this was not explained to my friend who purchased the 3 year agreement for me, otherwise she would have never done so in the first place. Furthermore, the packaging on the 3 year service plan doesn't have say anything about shipping the product back AT ALL. In fact, one would only know what the exact terms and conditions are by purchasing the gift-card-esq packaging then opening the perforated edging and read the conditions which were folded up into a tiny, one inch long, square.

Why would I have to send a product back to Target that does not fit my ears correctly and wait for a 'repaired' one to be sent back to me, when I know they will not find anything electronically wrong with the product. The Jaybird headphones work, but I cannot use them! I am beyond irritated!

So am I just to assume that this was $149 ($130 + $19 Three year service plan) plus tax and shipping thrown down the drain? I haven't even told my best friend that these do not really work well, as I know that she not only spent a lot of money on these, but wanted to do something really special for me.

I received a call from a very rude woman in the Target executive team who would not help. After communicating, each time I talked with her to the corporate office, she called a few minutes ago. She told me that Target absolutely would not help and that I should work with the manufacturer. As if that wasn't bad enough, told me to "˜respectfully not contact' the executive team anymore and proceeded to hang up.

NEVER AGAIN WILL I SHOP AT ANOTHER TARGET EVER! That was the last dollar they get from me or any of my friends, family or co-workers.

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Wow people never cease to amaze me... Is this a joke because if not then whoever wrote this garbage is a ***.


If you knew any better you could have returned them or exchanged them for a better-fitting set of headphones once you realized that they didn't fit right instead of letting them "sit around and collect dust". I hate dealing with idiots like you and I LOVE it when people like you say they will no longer shop at Target.

Good riddance. Also, I can't believe that you're *** enough to think you can threaten your employees AND YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY I GUESS to never shop at Target ever again. Seriously? Are you expecting people to sympathize with you?

You're a bratty little princess *** on some *** website because a set of headphones didn't fit your little princess ears. Go get a *** job and see what it's like to deal with morons like you.


same thing happened to me except when i asked the clerk can i return my PS3 in for a new one if it breaks down with this plan here at target they said yes... now all they say is call the number on the is nothing but a lying piece of *** store you tell the buyer one thing but when they come back you tell them otherwise stick to your word and explain the whole service plan that way people wont buy that scam to begin with and shop elsewhere... and im still waiting for my PS3 you ignorant fools

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216813

To answer your question Alex. I am in charge of hiring and firing.

If any of my coworkers shop at Target I will fire them.

If any of my friends shop at Target they will no longer be my friend. I will take them off my facebook and cell phone, if any of my family shops at Target I will disown them.


Yea, am probably gonna continue shopping at target, however i will never again buy this scam service plan of theirs

they will refuse to service you as soon as you give them the chance and say something like, scratch or damage.

I had problems with my Ipod and every time i called they tried to push me off to Ipod costumer service where i would have to pay a service charge.....WhyTF even buy this plan if i am going to always need to get it fixed by apple every time i call

and check this: when they finally received the Ipod and agreed to fix it, it came back even worse off, in 2months the screen went blank and with a 1inch black hole that is not covered under their plan.... so i had to throw it away and buy a new one

in conclusion: DONT BUY THIS SCAM


Also, how are you going to convince your co-workers to not spend another dollar at Target for the rest of their lives?



Your retarded. If the item was less than $200 then its a 2 year service plan.

Thank you for not shopping at Target anymore. I hate dealing with people like you.

Consumer Protection Atty

Please send me your contact information. Our law firm may be able to help you. Please check out my website ( and send me an e-mail to




Well, if you or your friend would have read on the extended service plan packet they give you, you would have read the instructions for redeeming your service agreement


So you expect a store, yes in a chain of stores, to spend money with no chance of receiving anything in return? Just because some little "princess" can't get her earphones to sit right?

Yah OK.

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