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I was attempting to purchase over $1000.00 in baby gear and patio furniture through Target. All items were advertised as going on sale on 7-3-13 with the sale lasting for three days.

I placed a $450 stroller, $100 play-pen, $300 patio set and various other items into my cart. When I attempted to check out, the items were no longer availabate. It was still the first day of the sale!!! My husband and I placed several calls to Customer Service.

It took us two days before we were even able to speak to someone in the United States. Once we were speaking to a manager on 7-5-13, we were told the sale which was advertised through 7-6-13 was ended early because they sold more items than they expected. We were offered the stroller for a price of $100 more than the advertised sale price. I don't understand how Target can advertise sale prices and then not have to honor them!

When my husband told the manager we would not be doing business with Target again, there was absolutely no concern. It is terrible when business is so large they do not care about customer service. I would rather spend more money at a smaller store that at least cares about their customers. So even though Target does not care, I will never do business with them again.

Not to mention less than a week prior I bought a baby bassinet at Target.

I opened the box to discover, the bassinet was used! It was covered in dog hair and had a large urine stain on it. It was disgusting.

When I went to return the item I was questioned and basically accused of being the one who damaged the product. I should have learned from this incident, but will never make the mistake of shopping at Target or Target online again.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States #685565

If the items were in your cart, why couldn't you buy them?

Dallas, Texas, United States #675942

Targets does not care one bit if you do not shop their anymore.Know one care's.So in saying this,Leave people along and Shop somewhere else.


"When my husband told the manager we would not be doing business with Target again, there was absolutely no concern!"

I don't understand how people like you expect people to react when you threaten them with not coming back. Did you expect him to fall to his knees and say "Oh Lordy, I'll bend all the rules for you, please continue to shop here!"?

Get real. I'm sure the manager doesn't mind that you are going to be a pain in Wal-Mart's *** from now on.

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