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I can say as a "former" Target consumer that the fan fair of what Target does for people, employees, and the community is a facade. Our son (employed) by Target, employee of the month type of individual, trying to get scheduled hours to work around his full time school load at UNM.

They have his class schedule but instead of work around, they increase and overlap it with his classes and tell him it's his problem. Where do we learn important work ethics?

Not from Target Management let me say that. Smoke and mirrors, what a waste of time.

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Did you ever think maybe your son neglected to give his schedule to them? I know for a fact Target is willing to work around anyones schedule.

As far as not helping anyone...Do you know how many millions of dollars Target donates to charities every year? Do your research and let your son complain for himself.


I bet if the Target manager's son or daughter was in school, he'd be SURE to make sure that his child's hours did not conflict with school! The manager and HR CAN make his hours work if they wanted too, I've seen it firsthand in stores, there are always "managers pets" who can do no wrong, (even though they do), and those who are total ****ups who suck up to management and get away with murder. Your child should just move on and find a willing retailer who would be more than happy to have him and work around his school schedule.

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