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we ordered a mission table from Target that we liked. Unfortunately, it arrived without instructions. We called Target. Between my husband and I we must have talked to 15 people and no one could help. The manufacturer is in Vietnam and they have no contact info.

To make matters worse my poor husband had to take this heavy thing and mail it back and we waited another two weeks for a new one. They sent a $20 gift card via email to cover the difference, but it never worked and was addressed to Oscar?? Who is Oscar??

The funniest thing is that the directions that came in the second table says to call Target if you need help with the directions!! Ha!!! That was funny

I will never buy from Target again. As a psych major, I know that all they know how to do is mirror back to me. "I understand how you must be feeling" etc

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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well now she will know what I'm talking about because you posted on here and your post/location fits your description pretty well. Lizzy, give our little *** an extra dose of whatever you've been giving them.


She doesn't even know what you're talking about, dumm a$$!!

You are really full of yourself, aren't you little man?


by any chance, are you the psychiatrist of the anonymous creepy guy from Mississippi?

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