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I shop there quite frequently for several reasons.

They have always given superior customer service, the products are always of a higher quality and the atmosphere is clean. WELL NOT TONIGHT!

Last week I was there purchasing an item that I found at Wal-Mart for a cheaper price. At the checkout I told the lady about the cheaper price that I found.

A manager came over and explained to me that they did price matching but only if the item was in a printed ad. Of course, I was excited to find this out. I buy all kinds of things from Target and these days, like the majority of us, I watch what I spend and try to find coupons to maximize my spending power. That day I happily purchased my item without having the price matched (because this day I did not have the printed ad).

Several days later I went back and purchased just a few items that I was able to get matched because I brought in my printed ads. WELL, TONIGHT WAS DIFFERENT! At the checkout, the lady smacked her lips, huffed and sighed when I explained to her what I wanted to do. She told me that Target did not price match.

I explained to her that I had been told by a manager last week that they did. She called over the manager for tonight. He immediately told me that Target did not do price matching. So I responded with, "Even though there's a sign that says you do?" (I noticed the previous time that I came that it was there).

He thought for a few moments and snatched the ad from my hand. He scrutinized every item that I had and said "No, we don't price match this one because....and this one because...and this one because....". Some of my items were produce. He told me that they don't price match produce because they don't have brand names on them.

He pointed his boney little finger at the pineapples in the ad and said, "See, these don't say what brand they are." Well, let me tell you something. NEITHER DID THE PINEAPPLES AT TARGET!!! NOR DID THE CANTELOUPES OR ONIONS!!! At this point I was still trying to be cordial and accepted the fact that HE was not going to let me price match those items.

Let me also point out that the oh so gracious checkout lady was on top of the world as she kept smacking her lips, sighing, huffing and giving me the sassy "UMMMM..HMMMMM". I pulled out the items that were going to be at regular price and put those up front and let her know that I still intended to purchase those items but at the regular price. Of course, I should have expected her response. She continued to smack her lips, sigh and huff as she reluctantly began to ring up my items.

The manager, who was still standing there, I guess to "monitor" my purchase gave me the response that put the icing on the cake. I stated to him that I had been to Target before and had items matched. He, in a very sassy gruff said "No you didn't". WELL, let me tell you something.

THERE IS NO STORE WORTH SHOPPING AT WHERE YOU GET CALLED A LIAR IN FRONT OF THE OTHER CUSTOMERS!!! After all that harrassment, that was it. I left and drove straight to their competitor, WALMART who happily rang up my purchase, price matched or not, I got my items. Let me reiterate, the items that I intended to purchase included both price matched and regular priced items which I honestly informed them of.

This experience has pointed out the obvious. TARGET EMPLOYEES ARE NOT HONEST.


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Unfortunately, this happens everywhere that has a "price match" policy. They say they price match, but when you bring in an ad, they try to find any little BS reason they can to get out of it.

You can get some stores to price match, but it is usually a hassle. Wal-Mart did it for you this time, but sooner or later, they will start hassling you about it.

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